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5 PC Game Disappointing Sequels

5 PC Game Disappointing Sequels
5 PC Game Disappointing Sequels

The sequel of a game often times is expected to continue the success of previous series. However, some of them actually fail to realize these expectations. Like 5 games following.

1. Crackdown 2

The first series of this game even totally unexpected would reap a huge success. But what power, despite having heralded by Microsoft, the continuation of this game even appear disappointing.

2. Lost Planet 2

You could say the original version of Lost Planet is an almost perfect game. But the second series which appeared unfortunately was very annoying.
It began to be felt in control of complex systems, environmental effects that are less fit, and the most annoying is the difficulty of conquering the boss at every level. It is increasingly exacerbated by checkpoint systems that are too far away.

3. F.E.A.R 2
It is not denied if FEAR is a game First Person Shooter (FPS), a suspenseful. But the series continued this game even further highlight the action shoot-out rather than creepy ghost sightings.
Even so, no doubt if FEAR 2 fixed into the most horrific list of 8 games.

4. Left 4 Dead 2

When Left 4 Dead comes, gamers seem to offer a multiplayer game with new game systems and unique. As a result, the game was also highly in demand in the market.

But Valve seems to have been obsessed with the benefits of Left 4 Dead to forget that there are some game systems.

5. BioShock 2

Bioshock comes to offer a fresh new in-game FPS. In this game players will be brought to the underwater world inhabited by a variety of strange creatures.
Comes with graphics and sound structure that qualified, makes this game so thrilling when played. But unfortunately, there is no significant change in the second series Bioshock was released in February 2010 ago. (Tqcast / detik)

Game Online - Empire Heroes Present in Indonesia

Game Online - Empire Heroes Present in Indonesia

Game Online - Empire Heroes Present in Indonesia

Game Online - Empire Heroes Present in Indonesia 1

Empire Heroes is one of the online game coming soon in Indonesia. Web-based game is claimed to have interesting storyline that light, so that could be played by gamers of all ages.
Heroes take the story in the Empire period in the Middle Ages ago, the time when the world still inhabited by bemacam many kinds of races. Because of greed for power of the Magic Crystal incredible, finally a prolonged major war between the races in the Empire Heroes.
Unlike most other online games, Empire Heroes is a web-based games. So, gamers do not have to download or do a certain installation. Players only need to visit the official website, then register, and the game was ready to be played.
Gamers now can play Heroes Empire through the official site that addresses the
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Duke Nukem will release in 2011

Duke Nukem will release in 2011
Duke Nukem will release in 2011
Good news for fans of the game Duke Nukem. Development of a first person shoot-based game with problems - and had canceled sequel sequel - finally resumed.
Late last week, 2K Games, the developer of the game revealed that the game is not only re-developed, but have started to play.
Duke Nukem Forever, which will be made for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC mentioned will be released in 2011. Currently, Gearbox Software is finalizing the development of the game in question after 3D Realms, the game's original developer gave up on about a year ago.

"Hard to believe, but this is really happening," said Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Software president and CEO, as quoted by PC World, September 7, 2010. "We can not let Duke's death," he said.
As is known, Duke Nukem is a hero armed, who smoked cigars when fighting eradicate crime. Developers continue to promise a sequel to this game will bring a continuation of the game.
However, since the start developed in 1997, Duke Nukem Forever continues to experience a variety of production constraints. Even DNF, abbreviation of Duke Nukem Forever was spoofed as a Did Not Finish. (VIVAnews).
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MEDAL HONOR :the US military is prohibited Playing Game as The Taliban

MEDAL HONOR :the US military is prohibited Playing Game as The Taliban
the US military is prohibited Playing Game as The Taliban - MEDAL HONOR

All military bases in the U.S. get the new policy, prohibited from playing, sell or distribute a video game themed Taliban currently spreads.
Electronic Arts made a new game allows players to explore the character of the Taliban fighters. In the game, gamers who play a role as possible to battle Taliban fighters and U.S. troops shot dead on duty, which is located in the territory of Afghanistan war.
Previously, gamers lamented the decision of British military officials also forbade the spreading of the game. According to gamers, developing technology that should allow anyone to play with any character, good people and bad people.
One version of the game made by EA's Medal of Honor will officially enter the market on 12 October.
British military officials are asking the sellers to opt out of retail games to spread the game in England, especially in 300 stores the main game. Even U.S. military officials were furious with the existence of this game.

"In the hands of the Taliban, the children have lost a father, and his wife had lost her husband. It is surprising and does not seem acceptable if there are people who make an action to defend the Taliban and fight the British army," said British military officer Liam Fox.
U.S. Miiliter also said the same thing by not selling the game in 49 GameStop near a U.S. military base. Soldiers are allowed to have a copy of the game but had to buy it outside the base.
"We regret the inconvenience but we are confident that retail owners will understand the sensitive issues concerning life and death of many who are represented by this product," said Major General Bruce Casella, to Army & Air Force Exchange Service.

The decision was made by Major General Casella directly responded to positively by the U.S. Navy military officials.

study case - Research: play Game Boost Brain Capability

play Game Boost Brain Capability
study case - Research: play Game Boost Brain Capability

The impact of computer gaming has both good for coordination between the eye and the human brain. But that does not mean someone should be obsessed or addicted to the game.
This is evidenced from the University of Rochester study. Playing games or shoot action shots or war may increase a person make decisions quickly.
This was tested from 2 groups of adolescents aged 18-25. One group is given the opportunity to play the game for 50 hours of game Call of Duty 2 and Unreal Tournament. Meanwhile, one other group doing the game Sim 2.
After the game they are asked to do a test for making quick decisions. Apparently 25% of teens who play shooting games shooting 25% faster decision. Not only fast but accurate answer.
Play a game of shoot shots like Call of Duty to make faster decisions in time. Why do so. The decision can not be seen by the black and white. The brain is able to calculate the probability or possibility.
Brain gamers trained to gather the information more efficient in visual form and possibilities. Sample only when someone is driving, then you will always see the right side of the road like the left lane. And pay attention to your opponent's vehicle, and the possible need for braking or not to avoid a collision.
But it must be remembered that excessive gaming is still not good. At least make a person get fat because of too long hanging out in front of the computer.
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New Shooter Game Online Open Beta - MicroVolts Online

New Shooter Game Online Open Beta - MicroVolts Online
CGI Online Games will launch MicroVolts ready to make a "chaotic" Online gaming market of Indonesia. Launching conducted on October 14, 2010 in Building Plaza Cyberworld.
Stepping on the end of 2010, the world of online gaming Indonesia arrival of another one in the virtual world of interactive games. With a slogan of "chaos? just Come here!" These products promise the game treats that will make all participants (or players) who participated in it feel the excitement that they had never experienced in other products.
Game Online Open Beta - MicroVolts Online
About Online MicroVolts
PT Cyber Generation Interactive (CGI Games) announced the launch of its product that is MicroVolts Online. This is the online game themed massively multiplayer online third person shooter (MMOTPS), highlighting their cute characters nan funny because they all are action figures (eksyen figure). Here, gamers will control the toys are in a war with toy guns as well.
These toys do act, they attacked each other with each other. Making the house a mess. The battle between the toy happen anywhere, in home room, model ship replica, kitchen, and also in the attic.
In MicroVolts Online, players can customize their toys with various parts. Starting from the head, body, hands, feet and shoes. Then they can carry weapons is quite a lot in every game, to compete for supremacy in every rondenya. Battle mode in this game also vary, ranging from simple, such as Death Match, there are also Free For All, Item Match, Close Combat, Zombie Mode and the most unique, Capture the Batterei.
By wrapping the graphics are colorful, and also figures that is memorable, MicroVolts Online can be the right choice in the midst of an online game in Indonesia. Genre was first presented to the Indonesian market, is clearly the first breakthrough by CGI Games
MicroVolts Online is a game developed by SK-iMedia, which is a subsidiary of SK Group in Korea. Online MicroVolts itself has been operating in Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, Turkey, Germany and more, Indonesia.

This game can be downloaded at:
check it out by yourself.

About CGI Games
Cyber Generation Interactive (CGI Games) is a company formed for the purpose of providing the best service in meeting the needs of gaming community in Indonesia. CGI Games are strongly committed to providing the best in this business by upholding the spirit of professionalism.
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Rumors about Playstation 4 Digital Download

Rumors about Playstation 4 Digital Download
Rumors about Playstation 4 Digital Download

The next generation of Playstation will not form a special console digital downloads, such as the PSP Go, despite many rumors on the Internet that indicate otherwise.
Head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kaz Hirai denied these rumors by stating that the release of the console digital download to the global market is still too far away.

"We do business in some parts of the world where network infrastructure is not as futuristic that people expect," said Hirai.

"People who think that everything will be downloaded from the internet in two, three, or ten to the front seems to be thought too extreme," said Hirai.

Hirai also said that some parts of the console are the future may be available for digital download.
But maybe PS4 for digital download will be released a few months after the PS4 had a physical format was released to the U.S., Europe and Asia.
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Origin Combine PC & Xbox 360 In 1 Tool / gadget

Origin Combine PC & Xbox 360 In 1 Tool
Origin Combine PC & Xbox 360 In 1 Tool

For a gamer, it does have one device for playing games is not enough. Some people are willing to spend more by buying several devices at once.
Not only resulted in excessive spending, but gamers also bothered by the placement of various devices. That's what mengagaskan one provider of computer devices, Origin, to wed PC games and Xbox 360.

Origin has made a special computer that already contained therein Xbox 360 Slim. Placement problem, both are in a large cypress casing placed side by side.
The selected PC innards are not training while also satisfying-training while also satisfying, with a price of USD 7669 (approximately USD 69 million) users get a computer with specs: Processor: Core i7 overclocked to 4GHz 930 (liquid cooled)

* Motherboard: Asus Rampage Extreme III
* Memory: 6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600
* Graphic Card: Dual NVIDIA GTX 480 (liquid cooled)
* Hard drive: Dual Vertex2 50GB OCZ SSDs and 2TB RAID 0 WD Caviar Black HD
* Power supply: Silverstone 1500W PSU
* Blu-Ray Drive: Pioneer 12x Blu-ray burner
* Sound Card: Creative Fatal1ty sound card (with front bay panel)
* Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
* Liquid cooled Xbox 360
* 5 port gigabit switch

Source: detik / Icrontic
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the Nintendo 3DS Postponed at February 2011

Nintendo 3DS Postponed at February 2011
Nintendo 3DS Postponed at February 2011
Nintendo was forced to postpone the launch of a new portable game console, Nintendo 3DS, until next year. The failure of Nintendo Co. Ltd. launched the newest toy gacoan, Nintendo 3DS, to the market this year directly to make the performance of one of the world's largest toy producer console was dropped.
According to Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo Co. Ltd., the company predicted would bear the loss of up to 2 billion yen during the six month (March 2010-September 2010).
One of the main causes of the slow Nintendo's three-dimensional presence in the market due to a delay of the production process. In addition, the strengthening of the yen helped aggravate the condition of the sale of Japanese products, including Nintendo.
If Nintendo can deliver the Nintendo 3DS at the end of this year, this product will compete directly with games made by Sony Corp. and Microsoft plan would be tergres product launch at the same time. You see, launched at the end of the year is the right time because the market is already looking forward to the presence of the latest gaming products.
To be sure, Nintendo will still launch 3DS. Precisely in February next year in the Japanese market, and in March specifically for the American market. Products worth 25,000 yen 12,000 yen more expensive than the Nintendo DS product, can display three-dimensional images without the need to wear glasses in three dimensions. (kompas)
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At last After 15 Years - Panasonic Back Create a Console Game

anasonic Back Create a Console Game
At last After 15 Years - Panasonic Back Create a Console Game
Approximately 15 years after failing with his console 3DO, Panasonic again try their luck in the wilds of the game. This time through the console named 'The Jungle'. Panasonic comes with a special consoles used to play games online.
Through a new division called Panasonic Cloud Entertainment, multinational companies based in Japan that will re-adventuring in the gaming industry.
Their first console, in this new era, given the nickname 'The Jungle'. In addition to the game, 'The Jungle' will be used to create online videos and a few other things.
Bocorannya, clamshell-shaped device that will have a screen with the top and bottom of the keyboard, touchpad and the D-pad.
Focus 'The Jungle' is the game online. Crunchgear says Battlestar Galactica Online gaming will become one of the first titles offered.
Allegedly, 'The Jungle' will use the Linux operating system berbais. Some other details that have emerged including the presence of micro-USB port and mini-HDMI. (DETIK / CrunchGear)
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Game Console PS3 & Xbox Sensor Less of fans

Game Console PS3 & Xbox Sensor
Game Console PS3 & Xbox Sensor Less of fans
Most consumers are not interested in buying a motion sensor such as the Move and Kinect because the number of games that support motion sensor games are still very small.
In order to encourage sales growth, the major manufacturer of gaming consoles in the world offers a new pattern of game play, with the release of the motion sensor. Sony Corp. relies on the Move to support the PlayStation (PS) 3. While Microsoft Corp. relies Kinect to support the Xbox 360. With motion sensors such as the Move and Kinect, Sony and Microsoft hope, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to achieve success like the Wii from Nintendo Co. Ltd., which has a larger customer base than the PS3 and Xbox 360 because it offers a new way of game play, ie with swing control .
However, the survey revealed MKM Partners LLC, at this moment there are only 17 percent of respondents who already intend to buy a motion sensor such as the Move and Kinect. At the same time, more than 50 percent of respondents said they do not intend to buy any Move or Kinect.
"Most consumers still be waiting. The reason, at this moment there are not enough games that support game and Kinect Move," said Senior Analyst Eric Handler MKM Partners LLC, in a Reuters report.
Research firm Strategy Analytics Inc., to assess, because gaming consoles in circulation at present is already more than three years old, so consumers were demanding change. If manufacturers do not soon bring new technology, the volume of sales of console games will be on the downside.
"Burnout at the moment is acute. Evidently, Wii sales volume also declined, particularly in developed countries. Without new technology, game console sales volume will fall more sharply in 2011," said Principal Analyst, Analytics Inc., David Mercer.
To refresh the market, on 19 September 2010 Sony released the Move. To play the PS3 using the Move, consumers must provide an additional budget of approximately USD90, to buy a camera and control system Move.
With the Move tool and PS3 motion control, users are able to enjoy the game more realistic than the game has to offer Wii games. Because besides supporting the motion sensor, the PS3 also supports image display high-definition (HD) and even 3D (three dimensional).
"Move is a new generation of gaming gamegerak.Nintendo successfully introduced to the market with Wii motion. After the Move is available, the natural course if Wii users switch to the PS3," said Vice President Peter Dille Sony Corp., as reported by AFP.
Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to release Kinect from 4 November 2010. Consumers must provide a budget of about $ 150 for the Xbox 360 can play using Kinect.
With Kinect, Xbox 360 users can play games S without using any control device, except members of the body. But different than Sony and Microsoft are already rejuvenate their respective gaming consoles, Nintendo was still comfortable with the Wii. Nintendo Co. Ltd. president Satoru Iwata said Nintendo was still optimistic at this point the Wii able to maintain its dominance in the console market gameg lobal.
"I think, at this time the Wii has not needed to be replaced. But of course, at some point in the future will emerge stronger pressure to replace the Wii. But for now, we do not plan to replace with a new console Wii," Iwata said, in Reuters reports.
Research firm Strategy Analytics Inc. predicts, the Wii will dominate the global game console market in 2010 with sales volume of 17.5 million units. Meanwhile, the PS3 will occupy the second position with a global sales volume of 14.0 million units, and the Xbox 360 will occupy the third position with a global sales volume of 10.5 million units. However, research firm iSuppli Corp. believes, at this point Nintendo has set up a replacement Wii, though not yet admitted it. Different than the Wii, game console from Nintendo's future will be more rich internet functionality.
"The focus of the Wii is a game, not the internet. ISuppli believes, Nintendo will release new consoles that offer more functions of the Internet because Nintendo should continue to seek new revenue sources," said iSuppli Corp. Consumer Electronics Analyst Pamela Tufegdzic.
Because of the lack of content, the fate of the motion is expected to be the same game as the fate of 3D games. Survey of Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) and The Nielsen Co. revealed, consumers were not interested in playing 3D games. In CTAM survey is known, there are only 42 percent of respondents are interested in using 3D television to play games.
For comparison, the same survey found, 77 percent of respondents interested in using 3D television to watch movies and sports broadcasts. From the survey is known, consumers do not like to play games consoles using 3D television because the 3D images on the screen makes the player feel dizzy. Especially when users take advantage of 3D television to play a game featuring fast movements, such as racing games. (okezone)
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In 10 Days 'Cut The Rope'IPhone games was Sold 1 Million copy

In 10 Days 'Cut The Rope'IPhone games was Sold 1 Million copy
In 10 Days 'Cut The Rope'IPhone games was Sold 1 Million copy

Shifting the position of the game 'Angry Birds', a new rival game called 'Cut The Rope' just entering the mobile-gaming market, and they were pretty good achievement.
Games 'Cut The Rope' is available for USD 0,99 for the iPhone and USD 1,99 for the iPad. Both versions have sold more than 1 million copies in just the past 10 days.
Game has been defeated 'Angry Birds' in a matter of weeks, as the game's number one paid applications on the U.S. App Store. Just like the games 'Angry Birds', Cut The Rope is also published by Chillingo and produced by ZeptoLab. Cut The Rope Game offers a gaming experience that is simple and addictive.
According Chillingo, with 1 million paid downloads make Cut The Rope as IOS with the fastest selling games today.

Games 'Cut The Rope' now existing in the "game of the week" on the iPhone.
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game wallpaper of tekken tag tournament 6

game wallpaper of tekken tag tournament 6
game wallpaper of tekken tag tournament 6many character is appear in the tekken tag tournament 6, some new character is show and many place of fight was change with appear new high resolution, make the game more alive.
game wallpaper tekken tag tournament 6
game wallpaper tekken tag tournament 6 review

lei a cop fighter legendary in tekken tag tournament.

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bear kuma character in tekken tag tournament 5 and 6 is diferent colour of the skin.

tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review

tekken tag tournament volume 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
high resolution wallpaper of tekken tag tournament, more detail character of new character with the story of street figter basic story game. even it's maybe old game but the kid/fans of the world still keep waiting of the new release of tekken tag tournament game series.
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag 6 wallpaper game reviewJIM KATAMA cool fighter.
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game reviewhwoarong the taekwondo master- fight syle
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag 5 - 6 wallpaper game review
tekken tag wallpaper game review
tekken tag tournament wallpaper game review

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tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpaper

tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpaper - there is a new character of the player
tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpaperwith more high technology and more high quality picture, tekken tag tournament is more attractive and interesting to play. more easy to play to xbox, game console , and ps 3.
tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpaper new character
tekken tournament 5 game wallpaper new characterbao is have same skill with the hwoarong
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tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpaper

tekken tag tournament 5 wallpaper

tekken tag 5 tournament wallpapper.teken tag tournament 5 wallpapertekken tag tournament 5 wallpaper
tekken tag tournament 5 wallpaperthis game still use old character. that use by tekken tag 3-4, now we can play it in playstation2, playstation3, xbox.

tekken tag tournament 5 game wallpapertag :GAME, game pc, Game Wallpaper, Playstation, PS2, PS3.
tekken tag tournament 5 wallpaper gametekken 5 most high quality picture game.
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