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ridge racer 3ds - Race Car Game

that Solid title ridge racer 3ds - Race Car Game, racing is fun as to be expected for the most part, save with some clear flaws (especially when it comes to collisions). Graphical detail could definitely be better, but the 3D effect works very nicely, definitely one of the best I've seen on the system so far. All in all, not a bad game to pick up for those just getting your 3DS.
ridge racer is an great car race game. its funny last time the ds came out and it had ridge racer as its release date games and so did the ps 1 i think they always bring it out right when a console is released then you dont see a new ridge racer game till another new console.

let check the product deatil game : Ridge Racer 3DS
Drift into victory with high octane 3D racing battles!
The Ridge Racer® series returns to set the racing world on fire with brand new features, breathtaking stereoscopic 3D visuals, a wider variety of machines, new environments, expanded customization and updated drift mechanics. Ridge Racer® 3D will be the hottest racing game on the Nintendo 3DS.
Drift through hairpin turns at blistering speeds to edge out the rest of the pack with powerful drift-tuned cars. Using the stereoscopic 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS, players will be able to experience a level of intimacy with the on-screen races like never before. Players can now accurately judge the distance between them and the competition with 3D depth of field for some of the most intense arcade racing available.
Key Game Features
3D Graphics:
Dirt will fly through the screen on rough terrain
Nitrous flames will burst out of tail pipes in a brilliant show of the game's particle effects
New Machines:
Highly powered muscle machines join the traditional lineup
All New Drift Mechanic:
Enjoy the thrill of drift racing with ease using the new Drift Button
Attack and drift through tight corners without losing speed and position
Breathtaking Environments and Courses:
Drift through exciting and vibrant courses
Brand new canyons and snow-capped mountain courses as well as other favorite courses from the past
Play with Friends:
Up to 4 player high impact, competitive races using Nintendo 3DS Local Play
Choose use a registered Mii, tag, or your very own photo during a race and know exactly who you’re racing against
Playing with friends has never been more heated and fun
StreetPass Compatible:
Swap Ghost Data with other players through StreetPass
Create your personal “My Ranking” profile by swapping course records with your friends.

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cfw PSP 5.50 prometheus upgrade to cfw 6.35

cfw PSP 5.50 prometheus upgrade to cfw 6.35
question of the upgrade games psp
how to upgrate cfw PSP 5.50 prometheus to cfw 6.35
we can download cfw 6.35 in
there is have tutorial to update firmware. we can just read and do that.
we can use tools pandora. just copy to the games folder in.

How set Nintendo ds on psp

How set  Nintendo ds on psp How set Nintendo ds on psp
this is video from youtube that can describe:

the url is file:/psp/common/DSP_Portal/in
dex.html the link is
password: thewidow
we just can be opened like the video ..,, ...,, also can play the game need enter the code we could this game. happy and enjoy the game.

new games psp list new released may 2011

new games 2011 list new released in may
  • akiba'strip(jpn)
  • Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive (EUR)
  • WWE All Stars (USA)
  • OneeChanbara Special (JPN)
  • Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday Undub (USA)
  • Dainiji Super Robot Taisen Z Hakaihen (JPN)
  • Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011 (JPN)
  • Street Cricket Champions (EUR)
  • Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection (EUR)
  • SNK Arcade Classics 0 (JPN)
  • The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky Undub
  • Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable (JPN)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Pre-patched v2.3 Final (JPN)
  • 101 in 1 Megamix (USA)
  • Persona 2 Tsumi (JPN)
  • Patapon 3 (USA)
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes (EUR)
  • Coded Arms Contagion (USA)
  • Elminage Original (JPN)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix English Pre-Patched
  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game

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most popular psp strategy games 2011 list

strategy games 2011 list most popular

  • Fort Commander Kings Gambit
  • Fort Commander II Counterattack
  • Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together
  • Legends Of War Pattons Campaign
  • God Eater
  • The 3rd Birthday
  • Lord Of Arcana
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JAP)
  • Cabelas North American Adventure
  • Tron Evolution
  • Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable (JAP)
  • Patapon 3
  • Bermuda Syndrome
  • Prinny 2
  • Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars
  • Naruto Kizuna Drive
  • Megamind The Blue Defender
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers Defenders of the Core
  • God of War Ghost of Sparta
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator
  • Gladiator Begins
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction
  • The Lord Of The Rings Aragorn's Quest

the awsome interesting game is:
Patapon 3,Naruto Kizuna Drive,Lord Of Arcana,Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JAP),Cabelas North American Adventure,Bakugan Battle Brawlers Defenders of the Core,
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction
The Lord Of The Rings Aragorn's Quest.

just get some great adventure. lets see more game here :
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games psp cheat of wwe all star

games psp cheat of wwe all star
At the main menu, press Left, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, Left, Square, Triangle, Down, Right, Square, Left, Up, Square, Right to unlock all arenas, wrestlers, and attires.
# CM Punk and Steve Austin attires

At the main menu, press Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down to unlock CM Punk and Steve Austin's alternate attires.
# Jake Roberts and Randy Orton attires

At the main menu, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up(2), Down(2) to unlock Jake Roberts and Randy Orton's alternate attires.
# John Morrison and Randy Savage attires

At the main menu, press Down, Left, Up, Right(2), Up, Left, Down to unlock John Morrison and Randy Savage's alternate attires.
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how to play AVI videos on psp 2000

question : is there any way to play AVI videos on psp 2000 ?
we must convert the video to change the file format.
we can try to make install first "Youtube Downloader", there's tar, modifier of what format the video into a format which would ....we want to.
convert it to change the type of files. on youtube there downloder ko make convert into PSP MP4 format
other solution is we can convert the video using the application Leawo PSP Video Converter.
I think the application was very nice result, we can prove the resolution of picture.
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