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Nintendo DS [2005] Nintendo DS Lite [2006]

Nintendo DS revolutionizes the way games are played. With dual screens and touch-screen technology, wireless communication and built-in PictoChat software you have the power to draw, write and send messages wirelessly
The Nintendo DS - the next generation of handhelds from Nintendo is the best yet, with the introduction of a dual touch screen, giving the ability for the user to have, for example a birds-eye view of the map or course in the bottom screen and the standard view in the top screen. This gives increased awareness of opponents, giving a more competitive edge. In addition, the touch screen means navigation through menus is easier and is a nice touch, although pressing buttons isn't that hard!
It's rival is the Sony PSP. Packed with functionality the PSP is a system for most purposes such as storage etc., but with the Nintendo DS, it has its functions built-in for one reason only, and that is gaming. It has IEEE, bluetooth and wireless LAN connection capabilities which allows gameplay with anyone, anywhere (provided that a broadband connection is available).
The Ninendo DS comes in 4 colours, either silver, black, light blue or pink, the pink and light blue launched with Nintendogs to lure a wider range of gamer (including girls - a target audience that hasn't been explored much by console manufacturers in the past).
Nintendo DS Lite layoutIn January, Nintendo announced plans for the Nintendo DS Lite, designed to be a sleak, slimmer version, in the "Wii" design, as well as removing all the minor character flaws that the fans of the original Nintendo DS experienced. The Nintendo DS Lite is 42% smaller, 21% lighter and a lot brighter (adjustable) than its original. Also, a little button and feature rearranging on the pad provides better usability and functionality for the gamer. The battery has a life of 5-19 hours depending on the level of luminosity you decide to use. It comes in one of four colours: Ice Blue, Enamel Navy, Black and Crystal White (at European release only black and white are available - however black is exclusive to Europe for this initial period). A much sturdier hinge is in place, which was somewhat fragile in the original, and a more durable, scratch resistant touch screen is used.
The Nintendo DS Lite is to be released in Europe on June 23rd, retailing at €150 (£100) (only around £20 more than the original) - which is good value (although the Wii, Nintendo's standard-sized console is available for a little extra). For those who want a stylish new, far from dated, handheld, this is what you should get.

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