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Nintendo Sales is fell

Sales of the Nintendo game console not bright as in previous years. Compared to last year, sales volume and profits this year plummeted. Marks the era of glory began to fade?

Nintendo game producer profits fell for the first time in many years. One is the weakening sales mastermind of pure gaming console mainstay of this Japanese company, the Wii.

The number of benefits in the first half of 2009 reported 'only' reached 69.49 billion yen (approximately U.S. $ 767.8 million or USD 6.91 trillion). Whereas, in the same period the previous year, Nintendo recorded profits to 144.83 billion yen. Dropped 50% more.

It has recorded a profit figure is still quite good in this category. It's just that, a decrease that occurs also calculated associated with a significant decline in sales of Nintendo products. quotes from TechRadar, Monday (2/11/2009), Nintendo Wii sold 5.75 units from April to September 2009, fell as much as 43% than in 2008.

Meanwhile, Nintendo DS sales also declined 15% in units sold 11.7 million units. The number of software Wii and DS software also purchased consumer fell, each as much as 6% and 16%.

Competition in the console market is so hot that no one that the sales decline is a warning signal for Nintendo. Sony for example, more and fanged by the success of the Slim Playstation console .

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