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PC all-in-one Lenovo IdeaCentre A600

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600, PC Game Console Wii All-In-One
PC all-in-one Lenovo IdeaCentre A600
After preparing your PC dual displays, Lenovo has even inspired by Nintendo's Wii game console, until Monday yesterday, Lenovo managed to make a PC all-in-one with the remote control double-motion-based game controller. Like the iMac, the PC all-in-one A600 IdeaCentre trying to combine a monitor and CPU in a thin system. Lenovo's PCs gaming console will be displayed in the event the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in the December 8 until January 11 in Las Vegas.
Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 has a wireless remote control similar to Nintendo's Wii remote, allow a user to interact with video games, by moving or clicking the control game. "We have the example of bowling game, where users can move the remote and control the game." Pillowslip Ninis Samuel, director of marketing strategy and programs.
Lenovo has mempaketkan motion-based games on the PC so the game can use the remote control. Meanwhile, the type of game that can be played in a PC with a Nintendo Wii game functionality is not explicitly specified by Lenovo. Lenovo trying to master the trend of entertainment choices coupled with a PC. According to Samuel, PC remote control in this game can also work in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), or if the user has the software on the PC such as Windows Live or Skype, then the user can also use it to make calls as a phone.
IdeaCentre PCs A600 is priced at U.S. $ 999, 21.5 inch display, supports 1920 x 1280 pixel resolution, with High-Definition video playback. IdeaCentre A600 capable of running on an Intel Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM support up to 1TB, Wi-FI wireless connection, as well as the Windows Vista operating system. In addition, there is still a remote control choice Nintendo Wii, Blu-ray DVD player, TV tuner, AMD's ATI graphics card. Desktop PCs will now go on sale in early March.
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