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PlayStation Portable for the Study of Marine

THE British Royal Navy PlayStation Portable's share of the sailors so they could continue to learn though was sailing in the ocean. The sailors can use the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is to read and listen to long-distance learning and practice tests on-screen.
Entertainment tool that each unit costs about 120 pounds or about 1.9 million dollars could be dealing with two major challenges in education, namely in the field of training and distance learning. Although the ship was shaken storm, sailors can still do math and physical refresh them from their special bed (Bunk).

As quoted from the page of the Times Online, the first to receive the PSP is a machine technician marine army in charge of radar, sonar, VHF radios, and communication systems. If the PSP is a success, will expand its distribution throughout the Navy, ranging from air and marine technicians, to the other divisions.
The idea of the use of PSP was developed in maritime schools HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Hampshire, which trains students to become electricians Navy. Because a quarter of their students had to drop out or repeat the class, the instructor decided to take a new approach.
PSP will be distributed to the sailors three months or more before they begin studying at HMS Collingwood, so they can prepare the subject of subjects, especially math which is a very important field of study in their work.
Lieutenant Commander Mark "Beasty" Williams, the developer of this program, said, "In most of the ship, owned space is very narrow sailors. There are only a few feet of space on the Bunk. PSP is a suitable tool in a place like that, "Williams said.

Nintendo Sales is fell

Sales of the Nintendo game console not bright as in previous years. Compared to last year, sales volume and profits this year plummeted. Marks the era of glory began to fade?

Nintendo game producer profits fell for the first time in many years. One is the weakening sales mastermind of pure gaming console mainstay of this Japanese company, the Wii.

The number of benefits in the first half of 2009 reported 'only' reached 69.49 billion yen (approximately U.S. $ 767.8 million or USD 6.91 trillion). Whereas, in the same period the previous year, Nintendo recorded profits to 144.83 billion yen. Dropped 50% more.

It has recorded a profit figure is still quite good in this category. It's just that, a decrease that occurs also calculated associated with a significant decline in sales of Nintendo products. quotes from TechRadar, Monday (2/11/2009), Nintendo Wii sold 5.75 units from April to September 2009, fell as much as 43% than in 2008.

Meanwhile, Nintendo DS sales also declined 15% in units sold 11.7 million units. The number of software Wii and DS software also purchased consumer fell, each as much as 6% and 16%.

Competition in the console market is so hot that no one that the sales decline is a warning signal for Nintendo. Sony for example, more and fanged by the success of the Slim Playstation console .

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Resident Evil Wallpaper

famous THRILLER game resident evil.

Game Review : Tom Clancys Endwar PC Game ISO

Tom Clancys Endwar PC Game ISO - ViTALiTY - MULTI 6

Tom Clancys Endwar Set on the battlefields of WWIII, EndWar will have you battling in real locations around the globe as you pit your army against others online.

download link:

Download Tom Clancys Endwar From Megaupload

Game 'Spore' will going to movie

Spore Game, published by Electronic Arts, will be appointed to the big screen. Right making games based on popular films have been purchased 20th Century Fox.
movie studio 20th Century Fox has announced their purchase of the rights of a film from the game 'Spore'. Directed by Chris Wedge, from the movie 'Ice Age' and 'Robots', was mentioned will be involved in the project Spore.
Game developed by Maxis is published by Electronic Arts in 2008. Spore sales scooped up to 3 million units in just 3 weeks since its inaugural sale.
Spore is a legendary game designer Will Wright. In the game players can create and control the lives of living creatures, starting as a single-celled to evolve into civilizations capable of adventure in outer space.
Spore also has spawned several 'pieces' such as "Spore Origins" for mobile devices including the iPhone, 'Spore Creatures' for Nintendo DS, expansion pack 'Spore Galactic Adventures' for the PC to 'Spore Hero' for Nintendo Wii.

Emil Chronicle Online: The Battle of Anime-style Fun

In addition to prioritizing the quality of Japanese-style anime graphics, Emil Chronicle Online is ready visited Indonesia also has a story and features the world's imagination quite interesting, ranging from character to background problems. What are they?

the Plot
Emil Chronicle Online started with a world called Acronia that consists of three layers, each of which is inhabited by a nation Emil, Titania (top layer) and Dominion (Lower Layer).
Emil Nations high tech made a mistake taking natural resources from the outside. Finally made it to connect three nations that make them disaster.
The world was destroyed, the survivors made their own legend. Since the third world is united and they all lived together. Each of their lives with purpose and pride.
For example the Dominion of ambition to get the victory and the nation ketenaran.Kemudian Emil, who was looking for relics of their predecessors in order to get fame and fortune.
The conflict was further developed and channeled in an epic battle of the three races.

Various Features
Emil Chronicle Online mainstay got a great variety of features that were promised would make the game more interesting, including:
* Possession system: This feature allows the player to be able to change characters in the game for a weapon or equipment also can be used to fight.
* Equipment Fusion: Player can combine 2 types of eguipment (display and ability) to be one so that the equipment that has the look and great ability.
* Catty System: A strange creature that will be above our shoulders, like a cat. Each Catty has his own skills to help the player.
* Marionette and Golem System: Player can be turned into a marionette and the Golem as they chose.
* Simple Element System: There are 6 elements (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark and Light), which affect each attack power and endurance.
* Billboard System: To facilitate communication between players. Billboard board can be written by anyone and in writing about any info
In addition there are various other features such as Arena, Knight Exercise and the Pet system.
Unfortunately, gamers have not been able to taste this game now, as publisher Wavegame chapters in Indonesia will open a new Beta version in late July 2009, and is scheduled to enter commercial version in September 2009

Peering The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims 3: World Adventures will be the first expansion pack of The Sims 3. Slightly different than the expansion in the previous series of The Sims, World Adventures will bring style adventures.
However, this preview will not discuss these adventures. Here are some additional for The Sims 3: World Adventures out features in the land of adventure:
Into the store. Finally, players of The Sims 3 do not need to watch her Sims disappeared into the building - such as book stores, supermarkets or restaurants. The inside of the store will be explored and, of course, players can create their own shops.
Camping. This expansion pack will introduce a new object in the form of tents. Can be installed in any public area, this tent allows you to rest while on an excursion outside the house.
New skills. There will be a new skill is introduced in the expansion World Adventures. Including skill Discipline, which will help in studying the martial arts.
Nature adventurers. One of the new properties will be introduced in the World is Adventurous Adventures that will help in the adventure in a foreign country.
Nature Photographer's Eye. If previously existing Green Thumb properties that provide extra capacity for gardening, the World Adventures will be no nature Photographer's Eyes "which will help in photographing activities.
Marry a foreigner. In his adventures, Sims can fall in love with and married a foreigner. If that happens, and both have children, then the child could inherit foreign cultures such as 'eat with chopsticks'.
Photography Collection. Camera shots in World Adventures will be more meaningful to the game's ability to sort of captured images. Surely there's a special bonus, for example, if photographing Death and Life Fish Fish in an aquarium.
In addition, there would still be many other enhancements. Including furniture and new items that had not existed in the world of The Sims 3.
Fan game The Sims 3 will have to wait to get this expansion. The plan, a new World Adventures will be released starting 17 November 2009.

New Stud 8 for Street Fighter IV

Through the latest version of Street Fighter IV (SFIV), Capcom tried to bring a variety of new hero has a growing movement terrible combo. Game titled Super Street Fighter IV will be visited any gamer.
Super Street Fighter IV will serve approximately 25 characters from previous games, such as Ryu, Ken, Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, Rufus, and others. eight new characters and arenas to fight the increasingly diverse also be packed game.
Capcom explains some new characters that can be played ie, T. Hawk one of the existing SFII game era, these characters are now re-appointed with a variety of renewal.
Capcom also introduced the jury, a mysterious woman who specializes in combat and have moves that are deadly. Unfortunately, until now Capcom is still reluctant to mention the six other characters that can be played.
The latest version of SFIV is planned to be present in the first quarter of 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the computer.

This is news : Row New Game Ready Roll

Range late September and early October seems to have prepared a new game gelontoran invaded. Among them was the legendary racing game Gran Turismo for the PSP console and Dead Space Extraction for Nintendo Wii.
Yes, gamers who do not know where Gran Turismo? Reportedly, a racing game with 60 fps graphics will first visited North America with a price range of U.S. $ 200 and will dibundling with a silver PSP-3000.
In the realm of other consoles, it seems a little more sense of horror will be 'terrorized' Nintendo Wii console. The reason this week Dead Space Extraction will soon arrive. Game of the advanced series Dead Space will be using the Wii Remote-style House of the Dead: Overkill.
While PS3 owners will have the opportunity to be a Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Which is a continuation game Ninja Gaiden II will feature less violence, than the 'brother' who played on the Xbox 360 console.
As quoted from at detikINET from GameSpot, Monday (28/9/2009), the following is a list of new games that will present options from September 29 to October 2, 2009:

29 Septermber 2009 (title / console / genre / publisher)

Baseball Blast / WII / Sports / 2K Sports
Bass Pro Shops: The Strike / PC, Wii, X360 / Sports / XS Games
Battle of the Giants - Dragons / DS / Adventure / Ubisoft
Beaterator / IP, PSP / Puzzle / Rockstar Games
Black College Football Experience - The Doug Williams Edition / X360 / Sports / Aspyr
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 / PS3, WII, X360 / Sports
Dead Space Extraction / WII / Action / Electronic Arts
Deca Sports 2 / WII / Sports / Hudson
Dream Dancer / DS / Simulation / Zoo Games
Fabulous Finds / DS / Puzzle / THQ
Family Feud / DS, PC, Wii / Puzzle / Ubisoft
Family Fun Football / WII / Sports / Tecmo
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic / DS / Adventure / Activision Value
Imagine Salon Stylist / DS / Simulation / Ubisoft
Just in Time Translation / DS / Simulation / THQ
Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days / DS / Role-Playing / Square Enix
MotorStorm Arctic Edge / PSP / Driving / SCEA
MySims Agents / DS, WII / Puzzle / Electronic Arts
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / PS3 / Action / Tecmo
Obscure: The Aftermath / PSP / Adventure / Ignition Entertainment
Rapala: We Fish / WII / Sports / Activision
Red War: Edem's Curse / PC / Action / Uforia
Sideswiped / DS / Driving / Majesco Games
Smart Boys Game Room 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Girls Playhouse 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Kids: Game Mega Mix / DS / Action / UFO Interactive
Tornado Outbreak / PS3, WII, X360 / Action / Konami
Undead Knights / PSP / Action / Tecmo
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga / WII / Role-Playing / Xseed Games
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road / DS / Role-Playing / Xseed Games

30 September 2009 . detuned / PS3 / Puzzle / SCEA
Axel & Pixel / X360 / Adventure / 2K Play
Backbreaker Football: Tackle Alley / IP / Sports / NaturalMotion
Boom Brigade / IP / Action / 10tons Entertainment
Critter Crunch / PS3 / Puzzle / Capybara Games

October 1, 2009

Dreamer: Top Model / DS / Action / Dreamcatcher
Driift / WII / Driving / Konami
Elven Legacy: Ranger / PC / Strategy / Paradox Interactive
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Fallout 3: The Pitt / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Gran Turismo / PSP / Driving / SCEA
Kissing Frenzy / IP / Simulation / Tequila
Medieval Games / WII / Action / Vir2L Studios
Party Crashers / WII / Puzzle / Detn8
Shutter Island / PC / Adventure / Merscom LLC
Theater of War II: Centauro / PC / Strategy /

October 2, 2009

Risen / PC / Role-Playing / Deep Silver
Rock Blast / WII / Puzzle / UFO Interactive

Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Best Super Hero Game?

Once released for the console some time ago, now Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC version is to be enjoyed by gamers. Attendance by offering a myriad of advantages.
It is the lag time required Eidos to release Batman: Arkham Asylum PC version for a long time, almost adrift a month from the date of the launch console version. However, it would seem insignificant compared with the various features of the features offered.
Unlike the console version, Batman: Arkham Asylum for PC supports a variety of Nvidia's technology, both PhysX and Stereoscopic 3D. With these two technologies is guaranteed, the action of the 'human kekelawar' is much more 'live' from the console version.

Struggle arrested the Joker
Joker is a villain who is also class trout primary target players in this game. As in the console version, players will be the beginning of the story presented a video capture Joker who want thrown kesebuah special prison, Arkham Asylum.
But the Joker's arrest was only a small part of he plan to control prison inhabited by a variety narapinada has special expertise.
Well, in this prison will last the entire game. Players not only the trouble shooting, Joker, but also some criminals 'odd' other. Call it, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Poison Ivy does not miss.

One by one prisoner in jail was released by Arkham Asylum Joker, and hence an adventure in a game that has graphics and storyline are great starts.
In contrast to the Console
With PhysX technology pinned in its PC version, of course, brings a variety of significant changes. Players will find many items that can not be felt in the console version, call it a cloud of smoke in certain places, the scattered leaves when the fight to the wind and the explosion effects are increasingly visible.
Likewise with Stereoscopic 3D features it has, the more a suoer adventure hero with equipment such ciamiknya increasingly felt real.
One more difference to the PC version, namely the existence of Benchmark menu that allows you to find out how well your system to run this game.
But keep in mind, to get the maximum effect in this game, it takes at least 2 graphics cards in SLI mode.
if you run this game with GTX-based graphics card 260, and found a decline in the Frame Per Second (FPS) is quite offending when using PhysX maximum.
But in addition to the above differences, both versions of console or PC has system and road games the same story. Rocksteady as the developer of this game seems to want to give the maximum detail along the game.
One of the seriousness of their work on it can be seen from the look of the hero's growing 'messy' till the end of the story. At the beginning of the game, Batman looks very dashing in the typical clothes, but dressed as the hero adventure is also beginning to look ragged threadbare and full of wounds.
Environmental effects in this game can not be denied its natural beauty, the area in the whole permainanan look so mengaggumkan.

Penuh dengan Pertarungan Seru
Batman: Arkham Asylum has bergam movement vary quite a fight. Even more enaknya again, players can combine the raw punch of the human kekelawar with owned equipment, such as the Batarang.
As a super hero Batman of course not independent of sophisticated equipment, ranging from the Batarang, Explosive compound sprayer along with the detonator, Grappling Gun, Line Launcher, and do not miss Frequency scanner that can be used to break the barrier fences have guards.
But alas, the fight with the bosses of each chapternya less challenging. It was caused because I used to beat each boss almost look the same. Fortunately, every fight is presented with a very menggagumkan graphics that will not be boring to play this game again.
By combining captivating fights movement, the graphics are stunning and the storyline is very interesting to be no reason to not play this game.
Batman: Arkham Asylum is not merely a game that terispirasi of feature films, but also can be said this is a super hero themed games the best ever made.
Although the bug had infected at an early version of this game, but quickly Eidos released a patch that directly can patch the hole.

+ Graphics Awesome
+ Combo fight a variety of
+ A variety of characters that can be found
+ The story line is very interesting
+ The system is very detailed game
- The fight with the boss looks monotonous
- There is a bug in early versions of this game.

Modern Warfare 2 : the Limited Edition Console for Call of Duty

Microsoft Corp. and Activision Publishing, Inc. today brandished the latest weapon to help gamers take to the battlefields for the global launch of the year with the announcement of the Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console. Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, the blockbuster sequel to the best selling first-person action game in history, Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®, was the inspiration for the console’s high-speed, low-drag, battle-ready design, which is available for pre-order today at retailers, and in other regions later this week.
Beginning with the game’s worldwide release on November 10, fans can arm themselves with the Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console, featuring an exclusive design inspired by the epic thriller, more storage space than ever before in a 250GB Hard Drive, two Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers, as well as an Xbox 360 Headset and a Standard Edition copy of Modern Warfare 2 for an estimated retail price of $399 (USD).
The limited-edition console releases with the game November 10.
Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare

“It’s the highest compliment to the team and our fans to have a special themed Xbox 360 console,” said Vince Zampella, CEO of Infinity Ward. “The precision and detail that’s been put into the console captures the intensity and feel of Modern Warfare 2. We can’t wait for our community and fans around the world to see for themselves on November 10.”
The Limited Edition Console was revealed at an exclusive preview event in Los Angeles where guests were the first to experience the game’s multiplayer gameplay on Xbox LIVE. “It is thrilling to bring the exclusive Modern Warfare 2-inspired Xbox 360 console to Call of Duty fans. Being able to work so closely with the talented team at Infinity Ward on the design has enabled us to develop a console that will set bragging rights around the world,” said Albert Penello, senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360. “These fans deserve the biggest Xbox 360 console ever, and we’re delivering with more storage space than ever before and freedom to enjoy all their favorite games and downloadable Game Add-ons, including the first two Modern Warfare 2 maps that will be available first on Xbox LIVE.” The add-ons will be sold separately.
The Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console will be sold in Europe, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. On November 10, Activision Publishing, Inc. will release Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The title continues the gripping and heart-racing action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse. Modern Warfare 2 is rated
“M” (Mature – Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence and Language) by the ESRB.

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game Command & Conquer 4 : New Gallery

EALA's releases seven detailed images from its next RTS in the popular franchise.
EALA has given the Nod (ahem) and released a batch of piping-hot screenshots from the upcoming PC title Command & Conquer 4. Shipping out sometime in 2010, C&C4 will apparently include a whole host of innovations to the regular C&C gameplay experience including a new class-based gameplay system and persistent player progression.
The story of Command & Conquer 4 takes place after the events of the critically acclaimed Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. The year is 2062 and humanity is at the brink of extinction. With only six years left until the mysterious crystalline structure Tiberium renders the earth entirely uninhabitable, the two opposing factions – Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod – inevitably find themselves in desperation for the same cause: to stop Tiberium from extinguishing mankind.

Hang in there, C&C fans -- we're expecting to get our first look at the game in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully, that future isn't full of Earth-rending Tiberium.

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Best Games of 2009: 20. Starcraft II (Blizzard)

Starcraft II (Blizzard)
Finally, 2009 will see one of the most anticipated sequels ever. Starcraft II packs surprisingly detailed visuals, new super weapons, more vehicle classes and intense multiplayer real-time strategy action for all skill levels.
Starcraft II (PC)
StarCraft returns in the long awaited sequel, Starcraft II. In addition to impressive graphics, this real time strategy game sports new units as well as devastating super weapons. Gamers will enjoy a story-driven single player campaign as well as an engaging multiplayer mode, where they'll battle opponents in fast-paced and competitive skirmishes.

Best Games of 2009: 19.Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners alike should enjoy the hours of thrilling role-playing action, combined with dazzling high-definition visuals and deep storyline.
Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
This eagerly anticipated title takes full advantage of the PlayStation 3 system's advanced hardware, providing tangible, intuitive controls while delivering seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and stunning in-game cinematics. The latest in cutting-edge technology has been utilized in development of FINAL FANTASY XIII, thus making this newest addition to the FINAL FANTASY series worthy of the title "next generation."

Best Games of 2009: 18.Halo 3: Recon (Microsoft)

Halo 3: Recon (Microsoft)
In this Halo 3 offshoot, players control a completely different character (yes, you don't play as Master Chief) as he fights his own war against the Covenant. Not much is known at this point about Recon, but it should be a fun add-on for first-person shooting fans.
Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
This fall, Halo 3 explodes on Xbox 360, delivering a pulse pounding experience fans have come to expect from the critically acclaimed franchise. The all new single player adventure continues Master Chief's fight against the Flood and Covenant, while the multiplayer modes promise to suck away countless hours.

Best Games of 2009: 17.Infamous (SCEA)

Infamous (SCEA)
The creators of the Sly Cooper trilogy have been hard at work on this current-gen superhero saga, letting you control an electrical being as he struggles to save the city or destroy it. The visuals look spectacular and the game promises lots of electrifying action.
Infamous (PlayStation 3)
The city has fallen into chaos, and it's up to you to decide what fate you choose in the upcoming Sucker Punch PlayStation 3 game Infamous. From the creators of the Sly Cooper series comes a free-world adventure where you choose to be good or evil as the town surrounding you falls into chaos. Is it time to be famous...or Infamous?

Best Games of 2009: 16.Ghostbusters (Atari)

Ghostbusters (Atari)
If there's something weird and it don't look good, we know who to call... Ghostbusters! It features most of the talent from the movie, including Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, and revolves around an exciting story involving an up-and-coming Ghostbuster cleaning up the neighborhood. It might just be crazier than dogs and cats living together.
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Xbox 360)
When Manhattan is once again overrun by ghosts and other supernatural creatures, players will take on the role of a new recruit joining the famous Ghostbusters team.

Best Games of 2009: 15.Prototype (Sierra/Activision)

Prototype (Sierra/Activision)
What exactly is the Prototype? Is he just a down-on-his-luck guy who suddenly stumbles into superhuman powers? Perhaps he's a government project that gets out of hand and seeks revenge against his creators. Either way, Prototype plans to feature unending amounts of beat-em-up action and superhuman powers galore. Plus, we love those cool spike attacks.
Prototype (Xbox 360)
PROTOTYPE tells the story of Alex Mercer, a man haunted by his past, fighting a secret war in New York City. As the action spirals out of control, a conspiracy tied to his origins threatens the future of mankind itself. Mercer's amazing shapeshifting powers allow him to become an exact replica and steal the skills or powers of anyone who crosses his path.

Best Games of 2009: 14.Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)

Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)
Trouble is brewing in Africa, and Chris Redfield is right in the middle of it. Come March 2009, we'll take another haunting journey through this series, for the first time on current-gen consoles. High-resolution graphics, non-stop chills and disgusting enemies await you in Capcom's latest, and perhaps greatest, Resident Evil to date.
Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3)
First reports indicate that Resident Evil 5 will be set in a new desert location and star Chris Redfield of Resident Evil 1 fame. The game will apparently keep the control scheme and action of Resident Evil 4.

Best Games of 2009: 13.MadWorld (Sega)

MadWorld (Sega)
Sega brings its mature game to Wii with MadWorld, a black and white third person action game. In it, you explore a crime filled city and torture bad guys a host of ways. This includes chopping them up with fans, driving a pole through their heads or cutting them to bits with a chainsaw. Of course, while the landscapes and characters come in monochrome, blood adds red to the color palette.
MadWorld (Wii)
Mad World is an inventive hyper-violent third-person action game with a unique monochromatic black and white style depicting an incredibly sharp backdrop that straddles graphic novels and 3D worlds.

Best Games of 2009: 12.Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (Ubisoft)

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (Ubisoft)
The Tom Clancy brand has already tackled a number of genres – stealth, action, first-person shooting, RTS – so why can't Ubisoft try its luck with an aerial combat simulator? H.A.W.X. promises to bring the signature Clancy military presence we've come to expect along with full-throttle flying action and a huge selection of aircraft.

Tom Clancy's HAWX (Xbox 360)
Tom Clancy's HAWX delivers an intense and authentic aerial combat experience by fully leveraging the benefits of the next-generation platforms. The story begins in the year 2012. As the era of the nation-state draws quickly to a close, the rules of warfare evolve even more rapidly. More and more nations become increasingly dependent on private military companies (PMCs), elite mercenaries with a lax view of the law. The Reykjavik Accords further legitimize their existence by authorizing their right to serve in every aspect of military operations. While the benefits of such PMCs are apparent, growing concerns surrounding giving them too much power begin to mount.

Best Games of 2009: 11.Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai)

Recently announced at the Tokyo Game Show, the sixth Tekken game should be the biggest yet for both Namco Bandai and its dedicated fans. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will get online play, a huge roster of selectable fighters, combo-riffic fighting gameplay and a cornucopia of extras. We can't wait to see who the "secret" fighting characters are.

Tekken 6 (PlayStation 3)
With over 33 million units sold worldwide, the #1 fighting game franchise of all time soars onto the next generation platforms with unbridled vengeance!
the best asian games ever had.

Best Games of 2009: 10.God of War III (SCEA)

"This time, there will only be chaos!" God of War III will lead Kratos' way to the PS3. The story is being kept under wraps, but it should follow the events from the first two games. This means a full-blown battle with Zeus is probably going to be the highlight. Expect breathtaking visuals, exciting gameplay and gallons of spilled blood.

God of War 3 (PlayStation 3)
Kratos returns and the siege of Olympus begins. All the visceral glory will be in 1080p.

Best Games of 2009: 9.Killzone 2 (SCEA)

Killzone 2's intense first-person shooting action, beautiful visuals, online multiplayer and lots of imminent destruction have been a long time coming. All that's left to ponder now is how long we'll have to wait for Killzone 3.

Killzone 2 (PlayStation 3)
Killzone PLAYSTATION 3 is a military first person shooter that builds upon the graphical and gaming excellence seen on PlayStation 2. A non-linear, intense cinematic gameplay experience that combines elements from multiple gaming genres, Killzone PLAYSTATION 3 thrusts players deeper into the conflict between the ISA and Helghast. Set in a rich and highly interactive gameworld, Killzone PLAYSTATION 3 utilises benchmark facial and character animation, advanced physics, destructible environments, amazing sound and special FX, immersing players in the most intense and warlike gameplay experience to date. Combining on-foot and vehicle combat across air, land and sea, with both off-line play and a customisable on-line portion, Killzone PLAYSTATION 3 revolutionises the first-person shooter for the next generation.

Best Games of 2009: 8.Diablo III (Blizzard)

One of the highlights from the recent Blizzcon event, Diablo III is one of the most anticipated PC games. Hundreds of hours of strategic play, vast character classes, trailblazing PC visuals and a massive storyline that will take hours – if not weeks – to complete should be worth the wait.
Diablo 3 (PC)
Diablo III will pick up the story twenty years after the events of Diablo II. Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which once shielded the inhabitants of the world of Sanctuary from the forces of both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram. Playing as a hero from one of five distinct character classes, players will acquire powerful items, spells, and abilities as they explore new and familiar areas of Sanctuary and battle hordes of demons to safeguard the world from the horrors that have arisen. The first two characters classes -- the barbarian and the witch doctor -- were shown as part of the announcement at the event today in Paris.

Best Games of 2009: 7.F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Warner Bros.)

This long-awaited sequel expands upon the original F.E.A.R., with even more intense first-person shooting action and creepier scenarios. Based on some hands-on time, it's definitely intense. Now if we could just figure out a way to stop that creepy little girl.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Xbox 360)
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2005 smash hit game, F.E.A.R., is a blend of advanced visceral combat mixed with seamless game pacing set inside a sinister and paranormal universe that begins shortly before the ending of F.E.A.R. A Special Forces squad is on a routine mission when the city of Auburn is rocked by a supernatural explosion.

Best Games of 2009: 6.Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams

This game is in such an early state that we don't even know who the girl is. Exiled Little Sister, perhaps? Nevertheless, the teaser trailer making the rounds has us excited about Sea of Dreams. More nasty Little Sisters? Big Sisters? More Big Daddy? More sick and twisted enemies? Only time will tell, but this first-person shooter should be damn sweet.

BioShock (PlayStation 3)

Considered to be one the finest games in the history of interactive entertainment, BioShock is a watershed entry into the world of video games. As one of the most lauded franchises in the past decade, BioShock introduces gamers into an exciting world filled with fascinating characters, intelligent enemies and complex moral choices that define the foundation of the game world. With its rich story, meticulous attention to visual detail, tense action and infinite replay value, BioShock delivers the perfect blend of storytelling and first person action.

Best Games of 2009: 5.Street Fighter IV (Capcom)

Street Fighter IV brings several familiar faces from the series back along with a few new ones. The classic 2-D gameplay and 3-D visuals should make this a big hit with fighting fans. We recommend tracking down an arcade cabinet to practice. You'll need it.
Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
Street Fighter IV has returning favorites Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. The characters and environments are rendered in stylized 3D computer graphics (CG), while the game is played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. The traditional six-button controls for the game will return, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the input system. Mixing tried-and-true classic moves and techniques with all-new, never-before-seen gameplay systems, Street Fighter 4 brings a brand new fighting game to fans the world over.

Best Games of 2009: 4.Splinter Cell: Conviction (Ubisoft)

Despite all the rumors and setbacks, Sam Fisher is due for a comeback next year with Conviction. Instead of being a spy thriller with loads of technology, Sam finds himself among the locals and out to clear his name. He looks homeless and we already miss those high-tech goggles, but this adventure looks promising.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (Xbox 360)
Splinter Cell Conviction will deliver an adrenaline rush of game play with blood-pumping chase sequences, close combat and intense gun battles. To survive, build an underground network of allies who will help you obtain hi-tech gadgets and stay one step ahead of your pursuers as you struggle to unmask the forces that want you dead.

Best Games of 2009: 3.Halo Wars (Microsoft)

halo Wars is a real-time strategy/action game with lots of ongoing battles, online opportunities and battle tactics to select from. The graphics look great, from what we've seen so far, and we look forward to pitting those rascally soldiers against the Covenant.

Halo Wars (Xbox 360)
Halo Wars is a real-time action strategy game for the Xbox 360 that allows the player to control large armies and to shrewdly direct them in realistic warfare. Set early in the iconic war between the Covenant and UNSC - made famous by the Halo FPS games - Halo Wars provides a new angle on the war while bringing new heroes to the battle.

Best Games of 2009: 2.Lord of the Rings Conquest (EA)

Since another Star Wars Battlefront game isn't in the works (for the time being, anyway), Pandemic's second choice – a free for all battle through J.R.R. Tolkien's universe – will have to do. Choose from Orcs, humans, wizards, elves and even trees as you battle opponents through a number of locations, both online and off. Finally, we get to beat the crap out of Hobbits.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Xbox 360)
In a partnership with New Line Cinema, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is an action-packed game created by the same Pandemic Studios team behind the best-selling Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II titles. Set in "The Lord of the Rings" universe of J.R.R. Tolkien as depicted by the Academy Award-winning films, players will finally fight the entirety of these epic battles any way they want. In addition to crusading as the heroic forces of good, for the first time ever in a 'The Lord of the Rings' action title they'll conquer Middle-earth while playing as the legions of Sauron's evil army, including Cave-trolls, Oliphaunts,
the Balrog and Sauron himself. The game is set for a global release in fall 2008.

Best Games of 2009: 1.Skate 2 (EA)

Skate 2 promises even more shredding opportunities than the original. Look for more skaters, a deeper soundtrack, additional modes (Regular vs. Goofy) and the more skateboarding action. Bonus, you can control your character in Skate It! for the Wii by using the Balance Board.
Skate It (Wii)
Skate It unleashes the FlickIt revolution on to the Nintendo platforms, letting gamers use the Wii remote or the Nintendo DS stylus to string together their best tricks for the ultimate skate line. The Wii remote becomes a skateboard and reacts to gestures that mirror actual skate flips and moves. Players can also deepen this experience by planting their feet on the Wii. Balance Board. Skate It brings the hit Skate franchise to a new level of creative ingenuity and gameplay excellence.

free game : MJ Dance, Last Respect for The King of Pop

Game MJ Dance gives fans a chance to make their last respects to the figure of the King of Pop is now gone. What kind of game for?
Free Game featuring MJ Dance game. Game which is a promo for the album Thriller 25 was a style of play-ala Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, the match button presses with the instructions on the screen.
Players will be brought back on the songs from the era of the triumph of Michael Jackson. Ranging from 'Beat It', 'Billy Jean' to 'Smooth Criminal'.
Display this game interesting enough Jacko dance style unique. If the print Combo or Super Combo Jacko will feature a series of dances that can be enjoyed by players. During a typical dance that emerged players 'rest' aka do not need to press any button.
Unfortunately, the effect of a typical high-pitched cries rather disturbing Jacko players who want to enjoy the background music. Sound 'auww' appears when buttons are pressed at the right time, whereas if you missed it the sound 'ahh' that was not too disturbing that appears.

Play in

Is the PSP 2 in Development? or just Sexy but pricey?

A pretty significant story is breaking out of today, which claims to have gotten its hands on some specifications for the PSP 2. To clarify, this is not the recently announced PSP Go, but rather a proper successor to Sony's original handheld console.'s Digital Foundry blog took a look at the specs and says that "a quad core iteration of the low-power SGX543MP chip, codenamed "Hydra", will be present in the next generation handheld. "It may well be that PSP2 will centralise all of its processing into a single chip, thus saving power and providing other efficiency savings from a programming perspective (lightning fast interaction between game logic and graphics, for example). It does seem unlikely however that Sony would confirm that the PSP2 is actually in development for some time, particularly with its upcoming release of the PSP Go pending this year.
As we expected, Sony confirmed its new PSP Go hardware during the company's E3 press briefing today. While introducing the new hardware to the audience, Sony's Kaz Hirai revealed that the new hardware will retail for $249/€249 and will go on sale in both North America and Europe on October 1st.
With no UMD drive, the PSP Go aims to reinforce the fact that most future PSP games will be available digitally via the PlayStation PSP Network store as well as on the older UMD format.

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video about: PLAYSTATION 3 game console review PS3

video about: PLAYSTATION 3 game console review PS3
Classic Game Room was the FIRST classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999. Returning in 2008 with new episodes, Classic Game Room breaks out a review of the PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 video game console and blu-ray player. Now the the Bluray and HD-DVD format war are regarded as over, what does that really mean? Does Blu-Ray have a rosey future, or has the real format war just begun? In the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Wii battle for video game supremacy who will win? Some of these questions are brought to the table in this look from the technical side of things as the PS3. For your hard earned dollars how good is this thing and should you buy it or an Atari 2600? Now that the big games like Gran Turismo Prologue and Grand Theft Auto are upon us, should you sell a kidney to buy a PS3? Or is the Sega Genesis still a better game system? CGR-HD has spent some time with the new Sony monster and has spent time with the Xbox... so let's hear it.
Be sure to watch the original Classic Game Room episodes. Classic Game Room was the original classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999-2000, now on DVD. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360.

Point Blank Ready for defeat Counter Strike

As an online game that revolves around a battle between troops and terrorists, Point Blank ambition to take the place as the game Counter Strike First Person Shooter (FPS) ideal. What is offered by Point Blank?
Point Blank is a result of arable Zepetto games, one online game developer based in Korea. Well, while operations in Indonesia, Point Blank was under the auspices of PT Kreon who previously also has online games such as Ghost, Yulgan and Water.
Overall, a good quality of graphics or game system can be said just above Counter Strike. For example, variants more characters. Point Blank in the player can use male or female character and the character design can be said enough detail.
Point Blank offers two game modes, namely:
Basic Mode: In this game mode the player will face fast-paced battles, the types of games such as Match or Deat Explosion Mission, unfortunately the number of maps provided are very minimal.
Unique Mode: In this mode, each player is required to destroy the target object, such as for helicopters targeted power plants or power of the enemy.
With a number of features and sophistication on offer, whether to make Point Blank great enough to replace Counter Strike as the games that have been loved diving nearly 10 years?
Yes, we are fighting them wait.

The Cynical Peak Software Releases Rivet 2.1

Rivet 2.1 ScreenshotIt was announced today by Cynical Peak Software that version 2.1 of their Rivet software for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is now available. For new users the cost is only $18.95 USD and currently registered users can upgrade for free.
Never heard of Rivet before? Well for inquiring minds this software allows you to easily stream videos, music and photos from your Macintosh computer to your video game console. This means you can listen to and view these files using your home entertainment center which is quite convenient. For those of you who are already aware of, and/or using this software you should know that the latest version includes enhanced stability and peformance improvements.
Rivet 2.1 includes improvements for the French localization and now has both Spanish and Italian language localizations as well. All you need to run this software is a networked PS3 or Xbox 360, 2.7MB of hard disk space, iTunes and a Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

Counter Strike - Which Weapons to Use - Part 6

B: Ak47: In my personal opinion, this gun is the stronger rifle in the whole of Counter Strike. It is also the most common terrorist rifle in the game. It is pretty much an automatic headshot if you aim for the upper torso and shoot. I would not rely on this guns accuracy shooting in bursts of five to eight as the gun will spray almost anywhere at which point luck will kick in and determine if you kill or be killed. I recommend to shoot in bursts of about three to four rounds before you start to see decrease in accuracy and the increase in recoil.

Here's a tip: If you absolutely have to burst fire or 'spray' with the ak47 then my advice to you would be to crouch and aim at the feet whilst burst firing. If you go to a blank map and spray at the wall you will notice that the bullet go upwards and depending on where you aim slightly to the left or right, this is due to the fact that the gun is being pushed up by the recoil. This gun should not be used by players just starting out, I recommend that those new to the game should practice using this gun on 'BOTS' or computer players as they provide good training practice when they only have knives. Using computer players over real players also makes it less embarrassing if you die many times or your just getting the hang of how the gun fires.

Using a gun is almost a must when starting out because once you master this gun, you can master them all. The AK47 really is harder to control than it looks, the recoil always bounces one way or the other and once you over aim it is hard to compensate for that.

If you play as a Counter Terrorist, I would suggest that you stick to the m4a1 gun as it has less recoil than the AK47.

This Ends Part 6 Of 'Which Weapons To Use'

Wii Downloads Information - The Info You Must Know

The Wii console is a new and innovative video game device that lets the users feel and experience the reality of playing which is simulated in the different games. The Wii gives users the best experience by allowing them to purchase and download all the latest programs, utilities, games and multimedia content to their hard drive. This is a very useful and convenient feature since people could enjoy all the latest content from the developers without ever leaving the confines of their homes. By following the most up to date and complete Wii downloads information found in the internet, people can easily locate and find the best sites to obtain the most comprehensive and quality content.

Wii downloads information is essential to help users to find their desired content at low prices. Basically the Wii downloads information tackles issue regarding download site viability, credibility and product quality. Wii users who seek to download the latest games to play in their console should resort using the official websites which has a guarantee that the contents downloaded are free from error and disruption. More over, the official websites have bonus contents including additional music, pictures and video files that further increase the depth of the game's content. Popular games created by Nintendo such as Super Mario and Mario Brothers have tons of bonus contents including previous installments and games, additional levels and previous of games to come. Another good feature that users should avail of is the update function. Many Wii downloads information has a comprehensive guide on how to access different websites that allows game owners to install the latest bug fixes.

Another important information found in the Wii downloads information is the possibility to play online with other players around the world. This is made possible due to the connectivity established through the Wii downloads feature. Basically, the Wii owners would just download a file which can be executed directly from the game's menu. From there, the program would automatically allow game play between any individuals who have access to the internet. Other than multi player gaming, the Wii downloads information sites also contain tips on how to communicate to other users through mail, chat and other available messaging systems available in the Wii interface.

People should avail of the Wii downloads information in order to avoid errors and mishandling of the console software. The use of the Wii online features is a very delicate and sensitive process which could lead to a lot of errors when the user chooses the wrong options. The process of online payment is one of the sensitive issues which should be given a lot of attention in order to avoid damage and miscommunication in the part of the service provider and customer. Payment of purchased files , games, music and movies can be paid through the internet using the Wii console system but needs expert advice in order to execute properly. The proper steps can be found in the Wii downloads information.

Overall the Wii downloads information created by many service providers of Wii users is an essential in order to maximize the function of the console. People should regularly consult the Wii downloads information manual found in the official website which is regularly updated to give the users the best service possible.

I have been into game consoles since the Atari era. My passion comes from providing other fanatics like me the same experience I enjoy when playing video games. For more info click on the link.

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Kingdom Hearts Tips and Tricks

- Fighting
Try to use the hit and magic attack method. For example, first lock on the target. Next, use your magic until one last MP remains then join in the pounding of the Boss. Cast magic when you regain one block of MP. Continue to pound the Boss. Remember to take care of your HP during the pounding.

- Picking a weapon
At the start of the game how sora is having his dream, when you are starting to choose a weapon you can have a choice out of the sword the staff and the shield they all have their own ability. Like the sword has good strength to give you, or the staff has good magic, and the shield has good defence and hp to give you.

- Picking a weapon
In the beginning of the game when choosing weapons choose the shield and sword give up the staff cause you need to defense and attack power.

- Temporary invincibility
If an enemy or Boss has a very powerful attack, use Strike Raid or Sonic Blade. When in use, you become invincible. If the enemy is unleashing his all-powerful attack, use the Strike Raid or Sonic Blade combo to not be affected at all. The best part is you will deal good damage to the enemy.

- Raising levels
To raise levels in the beginning pick the bottom choices every time. Also when on Destiny Islands (heartless attack) destroy heartless on every part of the island. Even up high. Also don't back out of big fights because when you have to defeat bosses you need higher levels.

- Secret keychain
If you beat the hundred acre woods get all spells everything and then beat Ansem 3 times you will get a secret keychain that makes the keyblade a heartlessblade its as powerful as the ultima weapeon but you need that weapon to get the heartless blade.

- Deep Jungle - Jane's underwear
Go to the camp in Deep Jungle, and enter the tent. Stand to the left of Jane, and look carefully to see her underwear.

- Life
Get 200 Mushrooms in the first town. You can sell them at Trevers Town to get for ever life.

- Getting the ultima weapon
The Ultima Weapon is the best Key in the game. Synthesize all the items. After you complete the 25th item, the Ultima Weapon will appear. This is Sora's best weapon. It requires five Lucid Gems, five Power Gems, five Thunder Gems, three Mystery Goos, and three Gales. It is very powerful and adds 2 MP.

- Wizard's relic
After you seal the Key Hole in Hollow Bastion, return and kill as many Wizards as you can find. If you kill enough of them, one will eventually drop the Wizard's Relic, which is Donald's second best magic rod. has the world's largest selection of cheat codes. We are constantly updating our cheat code database to ensure that we have every cheat code across every platform. In addition, our editorial team hand reviews the cheat codes to make sure that they work so you don't waste your time. If it is selection that you want, then you are sure to find the greatest selection of video game cheat codes across all the major consoles including Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 2.

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Making Backups of Xbox Games

Many Xbox 360 owners want to be able to copy their games to have a backup if the original is lost or damaged. Just imagine if you got a new game scratched after only a few tries. It seemed to be a game that you enjoyed and had paid $50 to own it. If you understand how to copy your Xbox 360 games then you've got a back up. If something does go wrong or it gets lost or scratched then you've got the security of having a same-as-new backup copy to use and you haven't lost anything.

Just the playing of your video game will tend to cause disk wear over time. Though you may not realize it, every time you play, it becomes a little used and worn a little. More often, gaming disks can be damaged by getting dropped or scratched. Damages like these can generally never be fixed and is why you need to back them up. Scratches also frequently happen due to faulty hardware or mishandled use. Game systems add wear to the disk every time you play it. By duplicating them and making backups, you will never need to buy the same Xbox game again and that saves money.

In order to make a back up copy of your Xbox or Xbox 360 game you will need special software as standard software that you might use to copy CDs or DVDs will not work due to the security codes built in to the video games discs. There are a few different firms that have produced software programs particularly for making backups of Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

After the software has been installed you want to load your original Xbox game into your PC's disc drive and start the duplicating process. It then writes all of this information back to a new blank disk which will be recived by your Xbox console as an original and is impossible to tell it has been copied.

This entire process should take only a few minutes and then you have the comfort and security of knowing that you have a "same as new" backup copy of your game to use in case your original game should become damaged or lost.

It is very important that you understand that we are not trying to encourage you to make illegal copies of Xbox games! Our goal is simply to explain that you can make backup copies of the games that you already own to protech your investment. This is totally legal, and it gives you a technique to make sure you have a copy in case something occurs to the original.

Kelly spends way to much time playing video games and you can read more about how to back up Xbox games at her sister's webpage.

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Stunning Facts on Game Backups

Are in search of different ways of game backups? Are you aware of the fact that you can store your favorite ones in your computer? Well, there are many people who still do not know the importance of game backups. An original disc shrinks your wallet considerably which makes people hesitant to buy games. Even if you purchase there is no guarantee to these discs and you may loose you game any moment. To avoid such situations always store your precious ones in your personal computer, so that you can retrieve it whenever you want to play.

Hoping online is the best way to find out different solutions to create game backups. The only effort you have to take is to click the mouse button on the right key which will bring out the whole procedure of creating game backups in front of your eyes. Install good burner software into your computer and with the help of a DVD store your favorite games one by one.

There are many software’s introduced in the market which has the ability to break the encrypted codes as well as will take care of the copyright issues. You can also download them from a trusted site and use them for piling your games safely. Always check the free space available in the computer while storing your files. If you have a good processor which is fast and reliable you can complete your work with an hour’s time.

After all why is it necessary to create game backups? There are many people who have asked me this question. Well, it is not always easy to spend money to buy disc of the same game again and again. If you have a backup you can easily play it whenever your mind feels to put it on. There are some games which will be withdrawn from the market after a few years which will make it difficult to obtain their discs. Even in such conditions you can use your backup to play those games.

To download the Game Copy Software that quickly burns perfect copies of PS3, Xbox and Wii games, just visit -

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Wii-mote Induction Charger From Energizer

Nintendo Wii Remote Charger by EnergizerA brand of new charger for the Nintendo Wii remotes has announced by Energizer. They've called it the Wii-mote induction charging system and the charger looks similar to your typical phone charger. The cost for this device is roughly $50 and will be available to consumers sometime during the month of May 2009.
This cool new Induction Charging System has a simple and modern look to it. The remotes silicone skins don't have to be removed in order to be recharged either. This charging device can charge 2 Nintendo Wiimotes at once. An orange LED light indicates that the Wiimotes are being charged and a green LED light will glow once charging is complete.
Another neat thing about this device is it can stand or be positioned to lay flat depending on what type of surface you'll be using.
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Become a DSi Game Tester

Did you know that you can get paid to play your new Nintendo DSi or any other game system that you can imagine? Of course, you have heard of this before, people who get up every day, fix a bowl of cereal and then go turn on their game system and play for the next 8-12 hours, and then they get paid to play.

This is not just a fantasy that somebody dreamed up, people actually do this. The job is actually called Video Game Tester and video game companies are looking for people to test new video games for bugs and other playability problems with their games.

Hey, somebody has to be able to do this "job". It might as well be you. A lot of people do a job because it pays the bills, here is a job that allows people who are passionate about gaming actually do what they love and make a living at it.

Being a Video Game tester has many advantages, some of these are

•Get Paid to Play Games For Any System You Choose
•Play Unreleased Games before anyone else has access to them
•Get Free Video Games
•Get access to secrets, cheats, level access and other "bugs" that only game testers know about.
•Learn about the marketing, development, manufacturing, and testing phases of each game.

Finding information about actually doing this is difficult, however you can find your way through the maze by doing a few refined searches on Google, and one specific search that works well is "DSi Video Game Tester" for good results.

Follow your dreams, If you want something bad enough you can have it!

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Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Tips & Tricks

Get Weapons From GTA 3:

To get weapons from grand theft auto 3 go on top of the highest building you can get on. Use a rocket launcher to destroy 20 police helicopter. After you did that a message will appear. When it does go to phil's yard and at the side of the building where the patriot is suppose to be you will see a selection of weapons from grand theft auto 3

Get a PCJ 600 motorcycle:

Go to Vice Point and find the Standing Vice Point building near the beach. Drive along the sides of the building across the street from the makeshift ramp to find a PCJ 600.

Media Interview:

Go to the beech in vice point and then turn left and u will be spotted by the media and they will interview you.

Angel Choppers:

Near downtown Little Haiti you will see a goup of people standing or riding Angel Choppers. Grab one...they go really fast and have an american flag on it.

Dirtbike Mission:

Go to the Vice City Sights page booklet on your Vice City case and find \"Dirtbike Track\" north of downtown Little Haiti. When you get there look for a truck and a dirtbike on the track get on the bike and it will automatically have you go to a dirtbike mission!!

Easy Money:

If you want easy money, get a car that can take damage (the patriot can take a beating) and go down the street that goes under the downtown bridge to Prawn Island and run over the parking meters in front of the building with the weird sculpture where you find one of the idols, get out get the dough and continue. They will regenerate by the time you knock over the last one and then do it again. P.S. If you don\'t kill anyone, the cops will leave you alone.

Easy Money

On the mission trojan voodoo when you lose you can kill the hatians for loads of money and they keep coming back so you can kill them.

How to make the moon bigger:

Get the sniper rifle and target the moon and shoot it; the moon has various sizes

Downtown: Molotov cocktails:

Go to where the Hyman Condo is located and go past the save point. Follow the alley until it reaches the street. Across the street you will see a restaurant named Tacocalypse. Enter the outdoor eating area and turn left to find the Molotov cocktail.

Downtown: Dead turtle:

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to see a dead turtle.

Starfish Island: Katana:

Go to the house directly west of the Vercetti Estate (Diaz's Mansion). There is a katana in the garage.

Starfish Island: Machete:

On one of the bridge sidewalks that connects to Starfish Island where the estate mansion is located, there is a machete.

Vice Point: Katana:

In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go into the back room to find the katana.

Vice Point: Meat cleaver:

Go to the pizza shop walk around the back. Look to the northwest corner to find a meat cleaver.

Vice Point: RC Baron Race:

Get in the Toy Fun Van on the top of the parking garage next to the mall to start the RC Baron Race, in which you will fly RC planes across the island. has the world's largest selection of cheat codes. We are constantly updating our cheat code database to ensure that we have every cheat code across every platform. In addition, our editorial team hand reviews the cheat codes to make sure that they work so you don't waste your time. If it is selection that you want, then you are sure to find the greatest selection of video game cheat codes across all the major consoles including for the Playstation 2.

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Warcraft 3 Cheats and Hidden Codes

Online games are the most played games on the history. Games as World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, Counter Strike, etc. needs a lot of experience and a lot of skills. The use of hacks, bots, tools, tutorials and a lot of tips, its a must nowadays for all game players. Most of them are used by millions of users that are aiming to get more skills, more level, more gold, more fame, popularity etc... But how come some players have those high stats with a lot of gold and a lot of level in just some weeks?

Its a question for all players out there, and must be answered in the following lines. Most of those players, don't play "fair". There is such things called 3rd party tools that helps out a player to gain the most skills, levels, etc in a record time. Its not a program that plays and wins for you. Its just a tool, cheat, hack or bot that gives the player an advantage of 20-30% compared with a normal player that doesn't use such things. If you are enough clever and skilled enough, you can win easier a match using those called "cheats, hacks". If a new player, that never played a specific game on his life, and he wants to use those 3rd party tools.

Cheats, hacks, bots and tools are made just to help a bit those players that already have experience and skills on playing games, knowing almost all maps, and every tips possible. Cheats, hacks, bots and tools wont help a new player on his matches, it will only confuse him. Its tested and demonstrated.

So if you think that you are a good player and want to join a good community, based on developing, programming, webmasters, etc. I recommend you to inform yourself first before joining them. Internet is a resource of easy finding all kinds of programs for games that are not developed by the owner itself.

Discussion, sharing, and making maps, developing things with people that know programming can be very amusement but can also be very dangerous as many of them may hack down your game's accounts for other purposes. Observe before playing or being friends of them, cause you may find good programmers and the bad ones.

So if you really think that you have experience and enough skills on your favorite game, why don't you play with one of this masters on making this tools. Im sure that you will find the hardest player to win.. ;).

Nintendo DS Games - A Sensation in the Video Game World

In the early 1980's, the video games were first introduced. They created a sensation in the gaming world and made people very much crazier about such gaming actions. Then with the easy reach of computers the system of computer gaming came into existence. These electronic gaming activities gained a wide popularity among the masses and people of different age group. Moreover, the puzzle, racing and WWF games are some of the examples of the most preferred gaming categories which are played on computers. Moreover, the video games are considered to be very challenging and exciting means of entertainment for people of all age groups. Nowadays kids, teenagers and people from different age groups spend most of their time enjoying the gaming actions on the computer and Internet. Everyone, can find many suitable suitable genre according to their likes and preferences on the Internet.

Nintendo DS, is one of the best examples of gaming consoles. This console is easy to use and fascinating interactive activities can be played on the device. This console has been designed keeping in mind, the needs of everyone. Whether you are a child, a teenager, an adult or anyone, you can play games on this console very easily. This gadget is very popular among the masses. The DS gaming gadget can easily download all types of games. The console users can also easily access games from all the Nintendo Systems and other systems such as Sega by subscribing for their services.

This console has been made for all age group people. The Nintendo DS games are supported with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection which is a free online connectivity. It allows the users to interact with some one in between the game. This gaming widget weighs just 300 grams. Moreover, this gadget comes with 2 separate 3-inches TFT LCD screen. The physical dimensions of this console is 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm. This widget comes in two colour options. One is sleek black and the second one is stylish white. The users can opt for the device colour, according to their choice. Moreover, 1.65 volts is required for operating this device.

The built-in CPU of this high end gadget comes enabled with 2 Arm processors, an Arm 946E-S main CPU and ARM7TDMI co-processor. They are available at clock speeds of 67 MHz and 33 MHz. The gadget even has 256 KB of Serial Flash Memory. Furthermore, the device comes supported with Wireless 802.11 and Nintendo Original Protocol. The Wi-Fi built-in support with 802.11 Wireless Network Connection would further assist you in wide variety of ways.

Today, many web sites are coming up and as such it is very easy to search for free of cost games from these gaming websites. The users can play and download online games free of cost. There are many game options also to select from. Puzzles, Super Mario, shooting, chess, fairy tale, cricket and so on are some of the examples of most preferred games which are accessed by most of the users on-line.

The Nintendo DS games can be played even by the multiple players. There is a built-in microphone in the widget, which would allow the individual to access some other games also while they are currently playing a game. Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pokémon etc are some of the gaming categories which are easily downloadable and most often are also preloaded in the memory of these consoles. A 56K modem adapter and a Broadband adapter are also the part of accessories which are needed for the Nintendo DS games club. online games.

Alden Jerry is an author of Xpert4u a Price comparison site that provides the relevant information on various Games, electronics and mobile phones products. Nintendo DS games.

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Gold's Gym Cardio Workout For the Nintendo Wii

I was looking for a boxing game for the Nintendo Wii, because boxing is good for a cardiovascular workout. I hoped that Don King's boxing game would help to fill the void. Boxing has been incorporated into a variety of aerobics over the last ten years. My father used to train boxers in the military, and he taught us children many of the boxer's training regime. I also spent much of my youth boxing. So, I was very much enthused when I heard that 2k's Don King Boxing game was coming out on March 31st 2009. I waited and wanted to see how the reviews on this game were going to be. To my dismay, they turned out to be horrible.

Gold's Gym Cardio's average reviews over at Amazon were all 4 out of 5 the first couple of days after the game came out. I was excited because it actually turned out to be a boxing exercise game. Instead of using a wiimote and a nunchuck, Gold's Gym Cardio used two wiimotes. This was great, because I hated the wiimote and the nunchuck in other boxing games because the two controllers always tangled each other in the wires.

I purchased Gold's Gym Cardio and proceeded to use it. You can work up a good sweat with this game. It really works the arms and shoulders. There are exercises that use the wii fit balance board. This is really where the short comings are, because there are only four exercises that use the balance board. Pushups, crunches, a back exercise and squats. Ubisoft has utilized the balance board in many of their other games, i.e. Shaun White Snowboarding, it is unfortunate that they could not use give us more exercises that utilized the wii fit balance board.

One of the best physical elements of a boxing regime, is the development of stamina. Boxers have to take a multitude of blows to the head and body during a boxing match. So, the building up of the body and the ability to sustain these blows, is paramount in the boxer's training regime. This is one reason I wanted a good boxing game for the Nintendo wii. While this game is a little short on this, it very much works on burning off the calories. In each shape boxing game, it will tell you how many calories you have burned. You will have to keep track of the total calories you burned during your exercises. One thing I also love about this game, is that it tells me what my physical age is, and it is usually 22 or 23 for the boxing, but after I do the ducking and dodging exercises I am usually 43 years old or even 53 years of age. It is just so hard to move out of the way of a punch, at my age.

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