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age of empires 3 cheat game

the age of empires 3 cheat game.
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age of empires 3 cheat
CHEAT GAME - game pc review of AGE EMPIRE III

MOBILE Phone GAME VS Game Console

MOBILE Phone GAME VS Game Console
mobile Phone GAME VS Game Console In the GAME Land domination
Although game consoles, especially the handheld type, increasingly pressured by the mobile multimedia, research firm iSuppli Corp. does not recognize the game console will soon die. Therefore, game console manufacturers struggled to maintain its existence.
"The game console manufacturers like Nintendo Co. Ltd., Sony Corp., and Microsoft Corp., to take the fight to stem a great multimedia phone," said iSuppli Corp. Consumer Electronics Analyst Pamela Tufegdzic. In order to maintain its existence, the game console manufacturers are vying rejuvenating product. For example, Nintendo's game console is now being built to extend the life of handheld 3DS family DS handheld game console.
With 3DS, users can play games in 3D (three dimensional) without the use of glass eyes express khusus.Nintendo, 3DS will begin to be marketed in late 2010 or early 2011. When it was circulated, 3DS will become the most innovative handheld gaming console because 3DS is the only handheld game console that has display3D. In the marketplace, 3DS will fight against the PlayStation Portable (PSP) Sony production. Unlike a rejuvenating Nintendo DS, Sony PSP does not release a new type.
However, Sony just update the stationary console PlayStation 3 (PS3), who became a competitor of the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. With the Move, a user can play gamedengan just swinging Move control systems that are in the grip. That way, users can play with a better experience than the Wii because the PS3 supports high-definition gaming, while the Wii is not. Do not want to catch from Sony, Microsoft finally released Kinect sensor system. With Kinect, Xbox 360 users can play whatever gametanpa control devices because Kinect able to detect a user's body movement and translates it into computing responses.
When Wii battered by fierce PS3 and Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii has not moved to rejuvenate. Nintendo Co. Ltd. president Satoru Iwata stated, this time his side was still optimistic that the Wii was able to maintain dominance in the global game console market so it does not need to be replaced.
"I think, at this time the Wii is not necessary diganti.BUT course at some point in the future will emerge the stronger the urge to replace the Wii. But for now, we're not planning to replace with a new console Wii," Iwata said.
Inc. research firm Strategy Analytics estimates that the Wii is still going to dominate the global game console market in 2010 with sales volume of 17.5 million units. Meanwhile, the PS3 will occupy the second position with a global sales volume of 14.0 million units, and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp. will occupy the third position with a global sales volume of 10.5 million units. However, iSuppli believes that the PS3 will be able to subvert the dominance of the Wii in 2011. Therefore, Sony does not only offer the Move for PS3, but also games of three-dimensional (3D).
To enjoy game3D, users must connect the PS3 to the 3D television. iSuppli predicted that global sales volume of the PS3 in 2011 will grow 39 percent, while the Wii 20 per cent, while only 15 percent of Xbox 360. iSuppli estimates also, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will release a new generation of game consoles in late 2012 or 2013.
"With the launch of a new generation of games consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in 2014, sales volume gameglobal console will break the 59.9 million units," said Tufegdzic. (Okezone)
Game console - Mobile GAME news.

PlayStation Move contoler is Around 50 Euros for sale

game contoler PlayStation Move is Around 50 Euros for sale
game contoler PlayStation Move is Around 50 Euros for sale

the Video game fans are expected to pay approximately 50 euros to get the latest device from the system of motion control games, PlayStation Move.
Not yet sold, the seller actually explore on Move price. Even a game site to report if the PlayStation Eye camera dibandrol worth 25 euros, together with any additional controller that is named 'Nunchuck'. While the motion-controller tongkong dibandrol costing 35 euros.
Move Playstation will dibundle with various games, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and Start The Party, a collection of mini-games. Unfortunately, Sony has not commented on the rumors circulating the price.
If true, however, Sony's pricing strategy is very different from Microsoft that will launch a gaming control system named Kinect.
Microsoft is expected to be pricelist it Kinect worth 130 Euros, and the approximate price in the pricelist by video-game industry had feared could make a run for the customers.
Microsoft still maintaining an expensive price, with arguments if Kinect offers something unique and the experience of playing video games and a revolutionary.
"The price depends on from which side you view it," said Brett Siddons, a senior Microsoft executive.
"This price is inclusive of the game. If you buy it with the console, which is normally the price of 149.99 euros, the package price is Euro 249.99 for the console, Kinect and his game. You do not need to buy anything else," he said. (Okezone / Telegraph)

Slim Xbox 360 Coming in Indonesia By Price ISD $ 3.4 Million

Slim Xbox 360 Coming in Indonesia By Price ISD $ 3.4 Million
Slim Xbox 360 Coming in Indonesia By Price ISD $ 3.4 Million

If in their home countries Xbox 360 package slim and Kinect dibanderol on price range of USD 299 (approximately ISD 2.7 million), then the gamer in Indonesia have to spend a little deeper. Because, the price of the console along the camera-based control will soar when arriving in the country.
In the shopping center console gaming in the region Mangga 2 Mall, some stores already have started hawking the Xbox 360 slim black with 250GB hard drive capacity.
"Here we are selling the Xbox 360 Slim worth Rp 3.4. That's just it does not include Kinect console and games," said Merry, one shopkeeper who had sold the game console.
Although dibanderol on a more expensive price range of the official release, but admitted Mery besutan latest console Microsoft is still selling and is a favorite.
"We only brought 10 units Xbox 360 slim straight from America, and all are sold out," added Merry.
Xbox 360 slim indeed is one of the most highly anticipated gaming consoles today. Reportedly, the console has several improvements from previous series such as the presence of Wi-Fi, a bigger hard drive capacity, or resistance to heat that is claimed to be better. (Seconds)

Street Fighter and Tekken joining fighting Character

Street Fighter and Tekken joining fighting Character
Street Fighter and Tekken joining fighting Character

the Capcom, the Japanese game developers will gather whiz-whiz of the two games the legendary Street Fighter and Tekken. Street Fighter X game titled Tekken will be launched next two years.
The gameplay is also being developed with game developer Namco Bandai is expected to be the game's biggest fight ever in a video game. This game allows characters like Chun Li fights against Nina Williams or Ken martial collided with Kazuya Mishima.
Games will utilize the same technology with Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. In the game this time fighter-fighter Tekken will retain their characteristics and unique moves. In addition, Street Fighter, Tekken X will display the 3D character models and background of Street Fighter IV. Versus Mode and Training will also be expanded to facilitate new players.
Not only that, Street Fighter, also have a Tag Team mode, where players can choose the two heroes to help each other during the fight and perform special combo together have also been announced by Capcom.
"This is history that we make. Two games battle finally stood in the same arena. This is not just a confrontation between Tekken and Street Fighter, but the decisive battle for the Capcom and Namco. So I will give everything," Yoshinori Ono, producer Street Fighter.
X Games Street Fighter Tekken will be present for the version of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. (Okezone/Softpedia)
Capcom, Namco - game review

free download : Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

free download : Starcraft 2 Wings of Libertyfree download-Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty - this is just for MAC OSX CRACK ONLY v2-p2p
First, this crack is for MAC OSX. After the first OSX crack , Blizzard updated the game with a new build. Read the CRACK instructions bellow. I think a proper crack is coming (with the Razor1911 method), i will post it asap.

There was an update released very recently which brings the up to version (16195)
You must allow the game to call home and update itself. Then simply re-apply the cracked files shared below
Replace the file at
/StarCraft II/Versions/Base15405/
Replace the file (This is the RELOADED version)
/StarCraft II/
Once you have updated and replaced the files with the cracked ones, block it from calling home so that it cannot repair itself and kill the crack.

download here

startegic game download : commander Conquest Of America

see the video beginning of the game.

startegic game download : commander Conquest Of America
the story about : The minds behind East India Company bring us another complex strategy game, complete with flashy ship combat. Combining elements from both trading and strategy games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas will appeal to a wide range of players. Players take charge of one of the many European powers aiming to conquer the New World.
this is Starting from 16th century, with use country option, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses caracter. Founding new colonies and then making them thrive is key to win. In order to accomplish this, players need to manage and optimize resources (money) and production in their colonies alies, before transporting the goods to other colonies . Rival powers and Native Americans can prove to be allies or enemies, depending on the player decisions. Hostile fleets engage each other in highly detailed tactical level. Players can command their ships in RTS fashion or take direct control themselves.
you can download the game free in:

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