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PlayStation Portable for the Study of Marine

THE British Royal Navy PlayStation Portable's share of the sailors so they could continue to learn though was sailing in the ocean. The sailors can use the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is to read and listen to long-distance learning and practice tests on-screen.
Entertainment tool that each unit costs about 120 pounds or about 1.9 million dollars could be dealing with two major challenges in education, namely in the field of training and distance learning. Although the ship was shaken storm, sailors can still do math and physical refresh them from their special bed (Bunk).

As quoted from the page of the Times Online, the first to receive the PSP is a machine technician marine army in charge of radar, sonar, VHF radios, and communication systems. If the PSP is a success, will expand its distribution throughout the Navy, ranging from air and marine technicians, to the other divisions.
The idea of the use of PSP was developed in maritime schools HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Hampshire, which trains students to become electricians Navy. Because a quarter of their students had to drop out or repeat the class, the instructor decided to take a new approach.
PSP will be distributed to the sailors three months or more before they begin studying at HMS Collingwood, so they can prepare the subject of subjects, especially math which is a very important field of study in their work.
Lieutenant Commander Mark "Beasty" Williams, the developer of this program, said, "In most of the ship, owned space is very narrow sailors. There are only a few feet of space on the Bunk. PSP is a suitable tool in a place like that, "Williams said.
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