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Game Review : Tom Clancys Endwar PC Game ISO

Tom Clancys Endwar PC Game ISO - ViTALiTY - MULTI 6

Tom Clancys Endwar Set on the battlefields of WWIII, EndWar will have you battling in real locations around the globe as you pit your army against others online.

download link:

Download Tom Clancys Endwar From Megaupload

Game 'Spore' will going to movie

Spore Game, published by Electronic Arts, will be appointed to the big screen. Right making games based on popular films have been purchased 20th Century Fox.
movie studio 20th Century Fox has announced their purchase of the rights of a film from the game 'Spore'. Directed by Chris Wedge, from the movie 'Ice Age' and 'Robots', was mentioned will be involved in the project Spore.
Game developed by Maxis is published by Electronic Arts in 2008. Spore sales scooped up to 3 million units in just 3 weeks since its inaugural sale.
Spore is a legendary game designer Will Wright. In the game players can create and control the lives of living creatures, starting as a single-celled to evolve into civilizations capable of adventure in outer space.
Spore also has spawned several 'pieces' such as "Spore Origins" for mobile devices including the iPhone, 'Spore Creatures' for Nintendo DS, expansion pack 'Spore Galactic Adventures' for the PC to 'Spore Hero' for Nintendo Wii.

Emil Chronicle Online: The Battle of Anime-style Fun

In addition to prioritizing the quality of Japanese-style anime graphics, Emil Chronicle Online is ready visited Indonesia also has a story and features the world's imagination quite interesting, ranging from character to background problems. What are they?

the Plot
Emil Chronicle Online started with a world called Acronia that consists of three layers, each of which is inhabited by a nation Emil, Titania (top layer) and Dominion (Lower Layer).
Emil Nations high tech made a mistake taking natural resources from the outside. Finally made it to connect three nations that make them disaster.
The world was destroyed, the survivors made their own legend. Since the third world is united and they all lived together. Each of their lives with purpose and pride.
For example the Dominion of ambition to get the victory and the nation ketenaran.Kemudian Emil, who was looking for relics of their predecessors in order to get fame and fortune.
The conflict was further developed and channeled in an epic battle of the three races.

Various Features
Emil Chronicle Online mainstay got a great variety of features that were promised would make the game more interesting, including:
* Possession system: This feature allows the player to be able to change characters in the game for a weapon or equipment also can be used to fight.
* Equipment Fusion: Player can combine 2 types of eguipment (display and ability) to be one so that the equipment that has the look and great ability.
* Catty System: A strange creature that will be above our shoulders, like a cat. Each Catty has his own skills to help the player.
* Marionette and Golem System: Player can be turned into a marionette and the Golem as they chose.
* Simple Element System: There are 6 elements (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark and Light), which affect each attack power and endurance.
* Billboard System: To facilitate communication between players. Billboard board can be written by anyone and in writing about any info
In addition there are various other features such as Arena, Knight Exercise and the Pet system.
Unfortunately, gamers have not been able to taste this game now, as publisher Wavegame chapters in Indonesia will open a new Beta version in late July 2009, and is scheduled to enter commercial version in September 2009

Peering The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims 3: World Adventures will be the first expansion pack of The Sims 3. Slightly different than the expansion in the previous series of The Sims, World Adventures will bring style adventures.
However, this preview will not discuss these adventures. Here are some additional for The Sims 3: World Adventures out features in the land of adventure:
Into the store. Finally, players of The Sims 3 do not need to watch her Sims disappeared into the building - such as book stores, supermarkets or restaurants. The inside of the store will be explored and, of course, players can create their own shops.
Camping. This expansion pack will introduce a new object in the form of tents. Can be installed in any public area, this tent allows you to rest while on an excursion outside the house.
New skills. There will be a new skill is introduced in the expansion World Adventures. Including skill Discipline, which will help in studying the martial arts.
Nature adventurers. One of the new properties will be introduced in the World is Adventurous Adventures that will help in the adventure in a foreign country.
Nature Photographer's Eye. If previously existing Green Thumb properties that provide extra capacity for gardening, the World Adventures will be no nature Photographer's Eyes "which will help in photographing activities.
Marry a foreigner. In his adventures, Sims can fall in love with and married a foreigner. If that happens, and both have children, then the child could inherit foreign cultures such as 'eat with chopsticks'.
Photography Collection. Camera shots in World Adventures will be more meaningful to the game's ability to sort of captured images. Surely there's a special bonus, for example, if photographing Death and Life Fish Fish in an aquarium.
In addition, there would still be many other enhancements. Including furniture and new items that had not existed in the world of The Sims 3.
Fan game The Sims 3 will have to wait to get this expansion. The plan, a new World Adventures will be released starting 17 November 2009.

New Stud 8 for Street Fighter IV

Through the latest version of Street Fighter IV (SFIV), Capcom tried to bring a variety of new hero has a growing movement terrible combo. Game titled Super Street Fighter IV will be visited any gamer.
Super Street Fighter IV will serve approximately 25 characters from previous games, such as Ryu, Ken, Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, Rufus, and others. eight new characters and arenas to fight the increasingly diverse also be packed game.
Capcom explains some new characters that can be played ie, T. Hawk one of the existing SFII game era, these characters are now re-appointed with a variety of renewal.
Capcom also introduced the jury, a mysterious woman who specializes in combat and have moves that are deadly. Unfortunately, until now Capcom is still reluctant to mention the six other characters that can be played.
The latest version of SFIV is planned to be present in the first quarter of 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the computer.

This is news : Row New Game Ready Roll

Range late September and early October seems to have prepared a new game gelontoran invaded. Among them was the legendary racing game Gran Turismo for the PSP console and Dead Space Extraction for Nintendo Wii.
Yes, gamers who do not know where Gran Turismo? Reportedly, a racing game with 60 fps graphics will first visited North America with a price range of U.S. $ 200 and will dibundling with a silver PSP-3000.
In the realm of other consoles, it seems a little more sense of horror will be 'terrorized' Nintendo Wii console. The reason this week Dead Space Extraction will soon arrive. Game of the advanced series Dead Space will be using the Wii Remote-style House of the Dead: Overkill.
While PS3 owners will have the opportunity to be a Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Which is a continuation game Ninja Gaiden II will feature less violence, than the 'brother' who played on the Xbox 360 console.
As quoted from at detikINET from GameSpot, Monday (28/9/2009), the following is a list of new games that will present options from September 29 to October 2, 2009:

29 Septermber 2009 (title / console / genre / publisher)

Baseball Blast / WII / Sports / 2K Sports
Bass Pro Shops: The Strike / PC, Wii, X360 / Sports / XS Games
Battle of the Giants - Dragons / DS / Adventure / Ubisoft
Beaterator / IP, PSP / Puzzle / Rockstar Games
Black College Football Experience - The Doug Williams Edition / X360 / Sports / Aspyr
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 / PS3, WII, X360 / Sports
Dead Space Extraction / WII / Action / Electronic Arts
Deca Sports 2 / WII / Sports / Hudson
Dream Dancer / DS / Simulation / Zoo Games
Fabulous Finds / DS / Puzzle / THQ
Family Feud / DS, PC, Wii / Puzzle / Ubisoft
Family Fun Football / WII / Sports / Tecmo
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic / DS / Adventure / Activision Value
Imagine Salon Stylist / DS / Simulation / Ubisoft
Just in Time Translation / DS / Simulation / THQ
Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days / DS / Role-Playing / Square Enix
MotorStorm Arctic Edge / PSP / Driving / SCEA
MySims Agents / DS, WII / Puzzle / Electronic Arts
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / PS3 / Action / Tecmo
Obscure: The Aftermath / PSP / Adventure / Ignition Entertainment
Rapala: We Fish / WII / Sports / Activision
Red War: Edem's Curse / PC / Action / Uforia
Sideswiped / DS / Driving / Majesco Games
Smart Boys Game Room 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Girls Playhouse 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Kids: Game Mega Mix / DS / Action / UFO Interactive
Tornado Outbreak / PS3, WII, X360 / Action / Konami
Undead Knights / PSP / Action / Tecmo
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga / WII / Role-Playing / Xseed Games
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road / DS / Role-Playing / Xseed Games

30 September 2009 . detuned / PS3 / Puzzle / SCEA
Axel & Pixel / X360 / Adventure / 2K Play
Backbreaker Football: Tackle Alley / IP / Sports / NaturalMotion
Boom Brigade / IP / Action / 10tons Entertainment
Critter Crunch / PS3 / Puzzle / Capybara Games

October 1, 2009

Dreamer: Top Model / DS / Action / Dreamcatcher
Driift / WII / Driving / Konami
Elven Legacy: Ranger / PC / Strategy / Paradox Interactive
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Fallout 3: The Pitt / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Gran Turismo / PSP / Driving / SCEA
Kissing Frenzy / IP / Simulation / Tequila
Medieval Games / WII / Action / Vir2L Studios
Party Crashers / WII / Puzzle / Detn8
Shutter Island / PC / Adventure / Merscom LLC
Theater of War II: Centauro / PC / Strategy /

October 2, 2009

Risen / PC / Role-Playing / Deep Silver
Rock Blast / WII / Puzzle / UFO Interactive

Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Best Super Hero Game?

Once released for the console some time ago, now Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC version is to be enjoyed by gamers. Attendance by offering a myriad of advantages.
It is the lag time required Eidos to release Batman: Arkham Asylum PC version for a long time, almost adrift a month from the date of the launch console version. However, it would seem insignificant compared with the various features of the features offered.
Unlike the console version, Batman: Arkham Asylum for PC supports a variety of Nvidia's technology, both PhysX and Stereoscopic 3D. With these two technologies is guaranteed, the action of the 'human kekelawar' is much more 'live' from the console version.

Struggle arrested the Joker
Joker is a villain who is also class trout primary target players in this game. As in the console version, players will be the beginning of the story presented a video capture Joker who want thrown kesebuah special prison, Arkham Asylum.
But the Joker's arrest was only a small part of he plan to control prison inhabited by a variety narapinada has special expertise.
Well, in this prison will last the entire game. Players not only the trouble shooting, Joker, but also some criminals 'odd' other. Call it, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Poison Ivy does not miss.

One by one prisoner in jail was released by Arkham Asylum Joker, and hence an adventure in a game that has graphics and storyline are great starts.
In contrast to the Console
With PhysX technology pinned in its PC version, of course, brings a variety of significant changes. Players will find many items that can not be felt in the console version, call it a cloud of smoke in certain places, the scattered leaves when the fight to the wind and the explosion effects are increasingly visible.
Likewise with Stereoscopic 3D features it has, the more a suoer adventure hero with equipment such ciamiknya increasingly felt real.
One more difference to the PC version, namely the existence of Benchmark menu that allows you to find out how well your system to run this game.
But keep in mind, to get the maximum effect in this game, it takes at least 2 graphics cards in SLI mode.
if you run this game with GTX-based graphics card 260, and found a decline in the Frame Per Second (FPS) is quite offending when using PhysX maximum.
But in addition to the above differences, both versions of console or PC has system and road games the same story. Rocksteady as the developer of this game seems to want to give the maximum detail along the game.
One of the seriousness of their work on it can be seen from the look of the hero's growing 'messy' till the end of the story. At the beginning of the game, Batman looks very dashing in the typical clothes, but dressed as the hero adventure is also beginning to look ragged threadbare and full of wounds.
Environmental effects in this game can not be denied its natural beauty, the area in the whole permainanan look so mengaggumkan.

Penuh dengan Pertarungan Seru
Batman: Arkham Asylum has bergam movement vary quite a fight. Even more enaknya again, players can combine the raw punch of the human kekelawar with owned equipment, such as the Batarang.
As a super hero Batman of course not independent of sophisticated equipment, ranging from the Batarang, Explosive compound sprayer along with the detonator, Grappling Gun, Line Launcher, and do not miss Frequency scanner that can be used to break the barrier fences have guards.
But alas, the fight with the bosses of each chapternya less challenging. It was caused because I used to beat each boss almost look the same. Fortunately, every fight is presented with a very menggagumkan graphics that will not be boring to play this game again.
By combining captivating fights movement, the graphics are stunning and the storyline is very interesting to be no reason to not play this game.
Batman: Arkham Asylum is not merely a game that terispirasi of feature films, but also can be said this is a super hero themed games the best ever made.
Although the bug had infected at an early version of this game, but quickly Eidos released a patch that directly can patch the hole.

+ Graphics Awesome
+ Combo fight a variety of
+ A variety of characters that can be found
+ The story line is very interesting
+ The system is very detailed game
- The fight with the boss looks monotonous
- There is a bug in early versions of this game.
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